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The True Nature Of Monster Jam Trucks

Coming off of an extremely emotional January, 2009, when the first spectator death in nearly 17 years occurred due to a drive train safety mechanism failure, the Monster Jam Truck circuit is ready to gear it back up and hit the road. This is a show which has been a prominent part of southern US culture for over 35 years, and has grown steadily into an event that over 2.5 million spectators attend each year in North America alone.

Add in the countless feature DVD’s sold, the multiple cable programs dedicated to the sport, and the special tours scheduled for performance in the UK and Europe, and you’ve got yourself an unbelievably big deal. There are more trucks on the registration for this Feld Entertainment venue than any other motor vehicle spectacular in the world. That’s a lot of trucks, cool ones, too.

Each Monster Jam Truck event is contested in two separate formats, the first being the race portion of the event, and the second being the freestyle leg. Points are accumulated for each truck and driver who perform well, and of course, who still have a truck to run at the end of the competition. Feld Entertainment denies using favoritism to judge any of the events, although the most famous and successful trucks ,Grave Digger and Batman, are owned and operated through the promoter.

It is common practice for the Monster Jam Trucks to tour in a spread out manner, usually headlining two stadiums within two days with a full entourage, while placing smaller shows around the area with less trucks at smaller venues. This year, the tour kicks off on October 23 in Kentucky. Please visit often for thorough and consistent updates and for secure online ticket sales for all of your favorite events.

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