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Carmelo Anthony Demanding Trade

Trade rumors abound – and today it’s all about Mello.  Carmelo Anthony, currently of the Denver Nuggets, is being reported as wanting out of Denver.  The frontrunner, as it stands, are the New Jersey Nets.  While the 26-year old has garnered attention from several other teams, including the New York Knicks and the Chicago Bulls, sources cite it is more likely that Anthony will – if traded – go on to the Nets.

Is he Mellello like Jell-ell-o, or cool like lemonade? For us everyday Joes, a three-year $65 million contract would be a dream. Anthony, however, is expressing minimal interest in the Nuggets deal, and is seeking the greener grass.

At least he’s vocal about it with his team – and the media.  Some are comparing the Nuggets trade demand to that of LeBron James – former Cleveland Cavalier and current member of the Miami Heat.  However, Anthony is not demanding a prime-time special.  Then again, Anthony doesn’t have multi-million dollar offers coming in, hand over fist.

The big question here is this:  Do athletes automatically deserve the opportunity to carefully select his/her next employer – on national television?  Surely, if any Joe is unhappy in his job, he looks for another – and waits until the perfect (and done-deal) opportunity presents itself, prior to announcing his resignation.  Are athletes entitled to leave their employees waiting, only to be notified of their departure…on national television?

Cleveland Cavs fans, having not much else to hold on to, hit the streets in droves on LeBron’s day of “TheDecision”. Unfortunately, many thought that the native son would stay with the Cavs, in the hopes of actually bringing a championship to the city.  The reality was, in fact, that James slapped the struggling metropolis in the face, on national television.

Is this the new wave of the future?  Do athletes – or ANY employee, for that matter – have the right to do so?  Would Michael Jordan, Larry Bird or Magic Johnson have ever done the same, if they were faced with today’s immediate ability to communicate with “the public”?

Certainly, NBA fans have their opinions, and we’d like to hear them!

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