Is It Just Me, Or Does The World Need A Little KISS?

Has it really been 35 years? You might have a hard time passing that by KISS’ prepubescent fan mobs, but these 4 guys really have been rocking the pants off of us for three and a half decades! The tour had been quipped “Alive 35”, and is set to deck out, make-up, rock on, and kick off in Detroit on September 25th.

Back in April of ‘09, the band announced that they would allow their fans, through open online polls, to decide where they would play out a new North American tour. Based on concentration of numbers, the band said that they would even play in corn fields if that’s what we wanted. Somehow, I can’t see Cornstalk hitting it off as well as Woodstock did, but we would have taken it.

Buckcherry is the scheduled warmer for the late leg of this 2009 tour, which will span from New York to Georgia, California to Canada, and just about everywhere in between. Since the humble formation of KISS in 1973, this band has revolutionized the way that the world receives and reacts to rock n’ roll music, guy-liner, blatant innuendos, and full on funky glitz. These guys know how to transform any room, whether in person or through the millions of posters pegged on walls the world over.

Ten weeks from the September 25th and 26th dates set for Cobo Arena, the tour will wind down for the year, with the promise of a 2010 chock full of live KISS performances around the world. If the wait has already been to much for you to take, tickets are on sale now for the first shows. For Kiss tickets, information, a full schedule of performances and venues, and to order conveniently and securely online, visit

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