What is the Carnival of Wonders?

When you first hear it, “Carnival of Wonders“, the name may sound a bit cheesy.  If you take a moment and give it a chance, however, you will find the name is fitting and perfect for the show, which is in actuality charming and full of class and spectacle.  This is a show you could bring your whole family to and, wonderfully enough, everyone would find something to love about it before the night is through.

The Carnival of Wonders isn’t just a magic show.  Oh sure, there is plenty of magic to go around, but what it really involves is three gifted performers that call on all types of talent within themselves to make for one amazing theatrical experience.  There is drama, there is laughter, there are even gasps and mystery, and by the end of the night, you too will wonder how they put that smile on your face that can’t be erased.

The three stars of the show are Jeff Hobson, Jinger Leigh, and Mark Kalin.  Jinger and Mark are a couple, and founded the show back in 1999.  Jeff Hobson joined the act and brought a good dose of comedy and charm with him.  The Carnival of Wonders has won several awards, and Jinger and Mark have even been bestowed with the title Magicians of the Year, one of the highest honors you can get in the profession.  Other magicians bestowed with this honor include the greats like David Copperfield, Penn & Teller, and David Blain.

The scene is almost that of a long forgotten traveling carnival with all the dark mystery and fun surrounding it.  The show typically runs for 90 minutes, and includes death defying feats, well known and brand new magic tricks, choreographed dance numbers, stories, jokes, and plenty of other wonders to keep you amazed.

The show may be rare to find these days, so be sure to catch the act in your town when they come on tour!  The Carnival of Wonders is set to make its next appearance in Mount Pleasant, Michigan at the Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort.  Give your family a dose of nostalgia or a brand new experience they will never forget by taking them to see the Carnival of Wonders!

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