The Price Is Right – Come See the Live Stage Show!

Do you love guessing grocery costs? Do you dream of the words “Come on down”? Does the term Plinko thrill you to your very core? Then you must be a fan of The Price Is Right! There is some good news for fans of the show that cannot make it all the way out to the studio, as there is now The Price Is Right — Live Stage Show! Even better is the fact that it may be coming to a town near you!

Just like the official show, the stag show version features audience members winning big prizes! It is all similar in format. For those attending to register or participate, you can “come on down”. Depending on where you are seeing the show, you may simply have to have the fastest fingers by punching in the correct bid on an electronic keypad during a full audience one-bid, or in more traditional fashion, it may be done by random drawing. Once chosen, the lucky audience member gets to go on stage and play some of the famous games. Often up to 50 audience members will have the chance to win. Prizes are everything from t-shirts to appliances, to good old cold hard cash. There is even a chance to win a car!

Just what games are including in the stage version of the show? There is of course the beloved Plinko, where a contestant drops a small disc from the top and watches it bounce of pegs until it arrives at the bottom where it can earn the player big cash or pocket change. Other games include the Race Game, Punch-A-Bunch, It’s In The Bag, Hole In One, Clock Game, Cliff Hanger and more. The only chance in the Liver Version to win the car comes at the final showcase, where the contestant must be within $100 dollars of the actual price in order to get the car.

Live shows are permanently held in Las Vegas, but there are also some traveling shows currently scheduled for Tallahassee, Florida, Sioux City, Iowa, Indianapolis, Indiana, Westbury, New York and several other cities. Check for tickets today. Come on down and be a part of The Price Is Right – Live Stage Show!

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