“Smoke on the Mountain” is Back!

Step into Mill Town Music Hall on Saturday, October 27, to see Smoke on the Mountain, and you’ll instantly step back in time to 1938 and become a member of the Mount Pleasant Baptist Church. If that doesn’t seem strange enough for you, wait until Paster Oglethrope and the Singing Sanders Family try to bring you into the “modern” world!

It’s the first annual Saturday Night Sing at the Baptist Church, and you’re invited to join them! Paster Oglethrope has brought along a family of bluegrass singers in order to bring a refreshing twist to the usual doldrums of church. He thinks the Sanders Family are the ones to help him do the job, but soon finds out that the family might be more than he can handle. And they might be more than you can handle, too!

It’s laughs for a congregation of all ages, as the Sanders Family cousins give their fiddle, bass, guitar, and mandolin a real workout singing some of the best gospel songs you’ve ever heard. Church in the Wildwood, Wonderful Time Up There, No Tears in Heaven, Jesus is Mine, and of course, Smoke on the Mountain are all just a few of the tunes you’ll hear.

“Smoke on the Mountain” is the most-often revived off-Broadway show, so don’t miss your one-day chance to see it! It’s fun for the entire family!

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