Enjoy Some Time with Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s The Book of Mormon

When Trey Parker and Matt Stone decided they wanted to do a musical, many people had no idea what to expect. Some even rolled their eyes. Most people know Parker and Stone from their work on their seminal television series South Park, as well as from Team America. At first blush, many do not imagine that these two creators would be able to construct a musical that would be able to stand up to those that are on Broadway right now.

However, those who really know the duo’s work know that South Park and Team America both have a number of wonderful and very catchy songs in them. They happen to be wonderful storytellers as well, and this translates quite well to the stage. It was a new territory for Parker and Stone to enter, but they did so with aplomb. In fact, the musical opened to rave reviews from many professionals as well as fans who found it to be funny, engaging, and even heartwarming. Everyone from The New York Times, Rolling Stone, Variety, and The Hollywood Reporter loved the show.

Even the Broadway community embraced the show, and it received an amazing 14 nominations from the Tony Awards in 2011. It actually won 9 of the awards, including Best Musical and Best Original Score. No one seemed more surprised by these wins than the people behind the creation of this musical did. Parker and Stone said that they were amazed at the nominations and amazed that they were actually able to take home 9 Tony awards. Fans of the show will tell you that it was inevitable though. Anyone looking for something fresh from Broadway will enjoy it.

The Book of Mormon has done so well in New York, Chicago, and London that shows are now scheduled at other venues all around the country, and chances are they are coming to a theater that will not be too far from you. If you want to laugh, and you want to have an afternoon or evening full of great music, wonderful performances, and a fun story, then you want to see this musical! Buy tickets for a show in your area today.

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