Come See Real Life Fairy Tales at the Disney On Ice Show!

Who wouldn’t enjoy meeting Belle, Jasmine and Ariel in person? You can meet all of these princesses and more at the Disney on Ice Show. The latest theme of Disney on Ice (running since 1981) is “Dare to Dream” and it adds two new classics into the mix: Tangled and The Princess and the Frog.

The storyline follows Rapunzel, Flynn, and Maximus, and eventually they meet other princesses along the way, including Princess Tiana, Cinderella, and other popular Disney princesses, such as Belle from Beauty and the Beast, Jasmine from Aladdin, and even Pocahontas! In fact, all of Disney’s classic love stories are highlighted, including Sleeping Beauty, The Little Mermaid, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Mulan.

In case you’re wondering, this production is primarily a children’s show, and doesn’t have the sophisticated dialogue that adults enjoy in new Disney films. However, it does offer real life fairy tales in the way of figure skaters dressed as Disney cartoon characters. The music and the plotlines of the story are taken straight from the source material, and the skaters are always “in character.” (They’re even billed by their characters, and not their real names) The Disney on Ice show may also include other popular productions such as Toy Story, which recreate famous movie moments on ice, as well as Mickey and Minnie’s Magical Journey, which stars even more famous “cameos” by the likes of Simba and Nala, and Lilo and Stitch.

Disney on Ice may seem relatively new, but in actuality, it dates back over three decades, and plays all over the world, including Australia, Asia, the Middle East and Europe. To see a live cast of Disney performing right in front of you, is a wonderful feat your child won’t soon forget. It’s as if the characters from the movie crawl out of the screen and into a theater. You know the music, you know the characters, but you haven’t truly experienced the Disney world until you see these lovable characters in physical form. You don’t have to wait until your next Disney World vacation, since Disney on Ice tours all over the country–or to infinity and beyond as one of their bubbly characters might say.

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