Alec Baldwin Returns to Broadway!

Alec Baldwin is no stranger to Broadway and next spring he’s coming back, to appear in Lyle Kessler’s Orphans.

Set in Philadelphia, Orphans tells the story of two brothers, Treat and Philip, who are broke and orphaned and living in a shabby townhouse. Philip is the younger of the two and he’s also disabled, leaving Treat to care for him on his own. Having no money but many needs Treat turns to stealing from the rich, and even kidnapping one of them. Enter Harold, played by Alec Baldwin, the rich man that they bind, gag and kidnap in attempt to steal all his money. However, the plan takes an unexpected turn for the two brothers when Harold ends up becoming a father figure to the two broken thieves.

The play is not a new one to the stage, either. It first premiered in 1983 at The Matrix Theatre in Los Angeles and then went to off-Broadway in 1985. Alec Baldwin has not yet commented on his return to Broadway but Daniel Sullivan will be the director for this newest revival; and Baldwin has said in the past that he’s always desperately wanted to work with Sullivan on a play. Baldwin has taken the role of Stanley Kowalski in Gregory Mosher’s 1992 Streetcar Named Desire and more recently, in 2004 when he appeared in Twentieth Century.

No other cast or crew members have yet been announced; but it is known that Orphans will play at a Shubert-owned theatre.

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