Al Pacino Comes Back to Broadway!

Al Pacino is no stranger to the Pulitzer-prize winning play, Glengarry Glen Ross; he played one of the lead characters, Ricky Roma, in the remake movie in 1992. Pacino was nominated for an Academy Award and a Golden Globe for his portrayal, but lost out to Gene Hackman (“Unforgiven”) and Tommy Lee Jones (“The Fugitive”) respectively. Now Pacino will have another chance but this time, in its original format, on the Broadway stage. And he won’t be taking up the familiar role of Ricky either.

This time he’ll be playing the role of Shelly Levene — one of four down-on-their-luck real estate agents that’s at the mercy of their ruthless boss, John Williamson. All of the agents despise Williamson but need him, because he’s the office manager that hands out the leads (as well as all the dirty tricks to use in order to capture those leads.) Levene, who was once very successful, has now become desperate and when sucking up to the boss isn’t enough, he starts to use his own dirty tricks — talking about how he needs to support his daughter.

Producing the play is Jam Theatricals, the same production team that won the play a Tony Award when it appeared as a revival on Broadway in 2005. Jeffrey Richards and Jerry Frankle will also be helping with the play’s production; and Daniel Sullivan will be directing.

The play will be running at the Gerald Schoenfeld Theater with previews beginning on October 16 and the official opening set for November 11.

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