Time for Tickets to the Patriots

The New England Patriots are an NFL team with a long history, most of which is shining with just a few tarnished spots. Ardent fans of the team will follow the team through winning and losing seasons, and will attend every game or at least watch it on television. The team’s detractors are often just as vocal about the way they dislike the team, so it is important for fans to get out to the stadium — and even to travel to other stadiums — to show support. This year promises to be especially interesting for fans of the team. Most have heard the recent news that the Pats just signed Tim Tebow, a quarterback with a strange history.

The Heisman winner has only been in the League for a few years, since 2010, and he’s been on three teams in that time — the Denver Broncos, the New York Jets, and now the Patriots. His NFL career started promising with the Broncos, having led them to a number of fourth quarter victories. However, his light started to fade, thus the trades.

Now, he is acting as Tom Brady’s backup. This could be a good plan on the part of the Pats, as Tebow does seem to show at least some promise. Under the tutelage of Brady — love him or hate him — Tebow could well improve. Of course, all this remains to be seen, and chances are Tebow will not be getting much playing time.

Of course, the Patriots are about much more than Tim Tebow. They are a storied franchise that always seems to be in contention for the title. The passing game is always interesting to watch whether you are rooting for the Patriots or against them. Regardless of which side of the line you are on, there is no doubting that Tom Brady can throw and the rest of the Pats know what they are doing on the field.

If you love the Patriots and you want to show your support for your favorite team, it’s time to check out some tickets right now. Make it to at least one or two home games this year.

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