The Triumphant Comeback Still A Fast Favorite For Favre

The final ticks in this game were absolutely thrilling, as once again Brett Favre proved that he is one of the most valuable football players under pressure that the sport has ever seen. It’s almost as if something clicks in him when his team is down by double digits, and you can see him churning into action right before your very eyes. Some might call it a hero complex, but by anyone’s standards, Favre has the market cornered on dramatic, victorious finishes.

Favre’s final play found Greg Lewis at the very back tip of the end zone, touching two toes in for a 31 yard touchdown pass at the final breathe of the game. The final score was 27-24 Vikings, making this final stand one of the most meaningful thus far this season. This game started off with two teams who had yet to be defeated, adding even more of a thrill to the overall importance of this victory.

Favre completed 24 of 46 passes for a total of 301 yards on the day. Chester Taylor caught 7 of those passes for a total of 70 yards, while San Diego had quite a bit of action and success on their end of the football. Shaun Hill was good for 15 of 25 completed passes for 195 yards on the day, but also tossed an interception. Vernon Davis grabbed 7 passes for San Diego for a total of 96 yards on the day.

The running game for Favre’s Vikings was also productive, with Adrian Peterson gaining 19 carries for 85 yards on the ground. What a game. For up to date information, statistics, news, and for secure online purchase of tickets for all of your favorite shows and events, please visit often.

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