NFL: The Best and Worst… Thus Far

We have officially captured 4 regular season games per team in the NFL, and there are certainly a few standouts who deserve an honorable mention. As they say with all things, it ain’t over til the play clock on the Superbowl board runs out. Well, maybe they don’t say it exactly that way, but for the true football fan, that’s exactly the way it feels. Let’s start with the very best of the best, those who have gone 4-0 for the season.

The New York Giants top the NFC East, while the Minnesota Vikings have the NFC North. The New Orleans Saints are rocking it our for the NFC South, and the Indianapolis Colts have control over the AFC South. Our final 4-0 team for this week in NFL history would be the Denver Broncos, showing the way home for the AFC West. The score leaders for the remaining divisions are not with a perfect record, those being NFC West San Francisco,  AFC East Buffalo, and AFC North Baltimore.

We’ve got five goose egg teams thus far this season, or in other words, teams who have not yet managed to squeeze out a victory. These include the NFC South Carolina Panthers, NFC West St. Louis, AFC North Cleveland, AFC South Tennessee, and AFC West Kansas City. All of the middlemen in the league, realizing that they have already blown the chance for top honors, are just hoping to stay within that quiet in-between until they figure out what the problem is and how to fix it.

This is where everything starts to pull into shape across the league. Those whose teams were at 0-3 last week were still able to draw a breath of hope, but once week 4 has come and gone, ¼ of the season tallied and gone, fans start to really understand where their favorite teams measured up in the pack. For some, that really hurts.

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