NFL Recap: Who’s Safe This Week?

There is a word for the way things are going for a few of the premier NFL teams thus far this year. I believe the season can be summed up with a profound Wow. The New Orleans Saints have defied the past statistics and a broken the 7-0 mark for the first time since the early 1980’s. Now standing at 8-0 and having taken last week’s game with a great burst of gusto, this is certainly a team that will continue to intimidate and shake up its completion for the remainder of the season. Can’t wait to see how this plays out.

We have just one other undefeated team standing in the NFL this season, that being the Indianapolis Colts. Between these two, a great many predictions and comparisons can be made, but the proof will certainly be in the pudding by the time week 16 rolls around. Of course, there is still plenty of room for both of these teams to be taken over at the top, but wouldn’t it be something to watch them continue on undefeated until they meet head to head? We can only hope at this point.

The Minnesota Vikings stand currently at 7-1 on the season, placing them in second place for the league and keeping them well in the running should either of our perfect teams take a tumble in the coming weeks. With things as capable of shuffling and shifting as they are, each and every game is anyone’s until the final snap.

New England Patriots, Cincinnati  Bengals, Denver Broncos, and Dallas Cowboys are all tied at 6-2 for the season thus far, with a great many predictions pointing the Dallas Cowboys out of the running within the next few weeks. For up to date information, news, NFL Tickets and secure online bookings to all of your favorite events, stay with

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