NFL Future in LA Looks Good!

After a lot of debate on whether or not the Coliseum stadium, currently being used by the University of Southern California would also be used for an NFL team, it seems it was much ado about nothing. That doesn’t mean that USC has to give up their stomping grounds, nor does it mean that L.A.’s NFL future is bleak. In fact, just the opposite as a new deal has been made that will give everyone what they want — USC a stadium pretty much all their own, and an NFL team that will also have their own place to call home. After the Los Angeles City Council voted unanimously on Tuesday to a “non-binding agreement” that will allow a new stadium to be built in downtown Los Angeles.

The agreement allows Anschutz Entertainment Group to build a new stadium right next to the Staples Center, which makes it a great location for another sports venue. The stadium will cost $1.2 billion to build and will hold 72,000 seats. Construction will begin in 2012, once the current West Hall of the Los Angeles Convention Center is demolished; the building will be completed in 2015. The name of the new building will be Farmers Field, but what will the name of the team playing there be?

No one has the answer to that — yet. The city fully agrees that the new building and a new team will create jobs, bring revenue to the city and finally (and most importantly,) give Angelinos an NFL team to cheer for once again. And while it may not be known just which team will be the lucky ones to make the new building their home, city officials are hoping to have an NFL team back playing in the city by 2016. Even if Farmers Field is not yet complete, they are hoping that a team could use the Coliseum in the meanwhile; which might just bring that debate back to the forefront in a few years.

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