Brilliant Idea Or Bad Move? Michael Vick Signs With The Eagles

Much to the surprise of Eagles fans and the general populace alike, Michael Vick was welcomed back into NFL and signed up for a spot on the Philadelphia Eagles’ roster.

This controversial move not only has fans on edge, but some of the other NFL teams as well. Vick, referred to as “the ultimate Wildcat quarterback”, signed a one year contract with an option for a second year on August 13th. The very next day, the Giants began working on ways that they could defend against the Wildcat play. Coincidence? Tom Coughlin says it is, but many fans find that statement hard to believe.

While some are surprised about Vick being signed, others don’t find it surprising in the least. Before Vick was known for being convicted and sentenced to serve 18 months in federal prison in 2007, he was known for being a three-time Pro Bowl pick during his 6 seasons with the Atlanta Falcons. He was also known for being a gifted athlete and scrambler. Now, both he and the coach of the Eagles are becoming known for the second chance he’s being given, and both claim that it’s not being taken lightly.  When asked about the situation in a recent interview, Andy Reid said:

“I know some people will not agree, but on the other hand I think the majority will. Fortunately, in this country, if we handle ourselves properly, we are given an opportunity for second chances. I think people will understand.”

Many have whispered that signing Vick is a bad move on the part of the Eagles, but others have said it was a brilliant idea. While there may be a brief public backlash, it’s believed that once the season is underway people’s memories of the events that took place 2 years ago will fade and be replaced by newer memories full of stunning passes and touchdown runs. Besides, fans love excitement, and the return of Vick to the NFL is toward the top of the “exciting events” list. Philadelphia Eagles Tickets can be purchased at

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