And The Punt Is… Stuck On The Crossbars Of The Humungous TV!

Well, OK, maybe we wouldn’t go that far, but at a Dallas Cowboys preseason event, all of the whispers, worries, jokes, and suspicions about the precariously low-perched video screen housing at the brand new, billion-dollar Cowboy’s Stadium were breathed new life. Whether it was just a little gust from the gods, an astoundingly fit A.J. Trapasso, or one isolated though predictable coincidence, a punt was actually hooded by the enormous video screen casing and redirected toward the ground at midfield.

How do you call that one, ref? The consensus is that referees will never have to deal with this ever-so-slightly-obvious-and-frighteningly-avoidable design choice during the regular season, as the president of the NFL has announced that he will be present for the preseason game being contested on the Cowboy’s home turf against San Francisco on Saturday.

We have to believe, as fans, that the entire game of football, all of its officiating rules, video replay systems, interference calls, and attention will not change because one stadium owner is allowed to hang his pricey, elaborate monitor too low over the field. We want to see the Cowboy’s recognized for what they do best, not for what their stadium contributes to the bloopers shows each year. Surely, this will not stand, or hang, very much longer.

On another note, the new Cowboy’s Stadium is a modern marvel, a beautiful facility with, seemingly, no other faults. The team and management are gearing up for what looks to be an exciting and very challenging season, and fans are getting ready to christen this new building in classic Texas style. For those of you who don’t know what style that is, just think Big. Everything is bigger in Texas, from the hats to the egos to the jumbotron monitors. Fans get your Dallas Cowboys tickets soon, it will be an event to remember!

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