The Boston Celtics With A Few Bones To Pick This Year

This season’s tickets are bound to sell like hotcakes, though a few standout games are bound to garner more attention and a faster rate of sale than others. Old arguments, new rivalries, and a competitive nature that spans back over 6 decades, the Celtics are looking at another great season of fiery, fierce, action-packed basketball against some of the most winning and deserving teams in the league. Will you be there?

For starters, the Boston Celtics will face their seven-game rivals the Chicago Bulls for the first time since the Celtics knocked them out of the run during the first round of the finals. The Bulls, we are quite certain, have not forgotten this defeat, but more likely have learned from it and allowed it to guide their training leading up to this year’s season. This big game takes place at the Celtics on October 30th.

On a reverse of the aforementioned scenario, the Celtics will host the Orlando Magic on November 20th, and this should be a very deep and telling game of the wills. Some roster changes have caused the Magic to gain experience, while the Celtics have earned the ignorance and power that is young new blood. The Celtics were dashed during their own game seven effort during the Eastern Conference Championships last year by the Magic, so this should be a great first tip off.

This is also the first year as a Celtic for ex-Piston player Rasheed Wallace, making the April 4th tip off between these two teams something to see. The Pistons weren’t necessarily on fore last season, and have since landed some big names and new tricks to their roster. All tickets for Boston Celtics tickets 09-10 season are on sale, and remains your secure and informative online ticket source.

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