Who Will Your Favorite College Team Be Watching Out For This Week?

The Big Ten are in for yet another enormously important November. As with each and every season that has come to pass, the games played during this month are pivotal, difficult, gut-wrenching, and they tend to determine who is destined for greatness. Division champions will be decided, with conference play turning things up to a whole other degree or fierce. By the time the Rose Bowl rolls around, anything and everything could change.

We’ve got a Penn State team this year who is currently at an 8-1 record, but there seems to be some questions as to whether they have even been challenged properly thus far. One loss after 9 games is usually considered a pretty great start, but critics and experts seem to be under the impression that Penn State may crumble under the pressure and weight of a real challenge. We shall see soon enough, as the Ohio State Buckeyes take them on for game ten next week.

Can anybody say Duke? Well, you might want to get used to that name, and seeing these guys for a while, because they have become the ACC Coastal team to beat this season thus far, showing complete control and an utter drive which guarantees them a running toward conference finals. Georgia Tech is also pretty pumped up and raring to go this year, with one more game standing between them and Duke. Funny world.

The Iowa Hawkeyes made a huge impression on everybody Halloween day, as they were pummeled up until the end of the third quarter and looked to be falling quickly from grace. Enter: Ricky Stanzi. Never during this generation has a fourth quarter been so exhilarating, so dynamic, so inspirational, and so victorious as the one that these guys rallied for. Here’s to hoping for a little bit more of that heart and determination in the coming month.

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