The Visceral Experience of Bodies – The Exhibition

Have you ever wondered about all the processes going on inside your own body?  Ever got curious what you’d look like without your skin?  Or wondered how your muscles move your arm?  It is human nature to be curious, and luckily, you don’t have to pull any Hannibal Lector moves in order to find out the answers to your questions.  A visit to Bodies — The Exhibition can help really give you an “inside” look.

The study of human anatomy is fascinating.  However, most of the in-depth views have, until now, been restricted to those in the medical field.  This exhibition may not be for the faint of heart or weak of stomach, and possibly not for those who don’t like controversy, but it is certainly fascinating to behold.  This is due to the fact that 200 real (expired) human bodies are on display.  These bodies have for the most part been donated by a late organ donor for this very purpose.  They have gone through a special preservation process, which will keep them in good shape for decades on end.

You will be able to see an in-depth look at the human body and all its fascinating processes.  You will see the skeletal and muscular parts of the body on their own, so that you can get a clear picture of how it all works.  Take a gander at the digestive track, the reproductive system, and even the circulatory systems.  You’ll also see things such as a smoker’s lung compared to a healthy non-smokers lung.  (In fact, some people have actually been moved to quit smoking after seeing the physical results right in front of them)  You will see a fully stretched out human intestine, and a room of fetuses showing stages of development.  Many of the rooms can be skipped if preferred.

The show does often travel, but can most often be seen in New York, NY, Atlanta, GA, and Las Vegas, NV.  If you are interested in the way that the human body works, and perhaps want to teach your children the effects of healthy choices on their bodies, this is a great learning experience.  Don’t miss out on seeing Bodies – The Exhibition, buy your tickets online today!

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