Will.i.am Releases Roaring Twenties Video

In his newest video for his song Bang Bang, will.i.am takes you back to a time when swing was king and women weren’t afraid to wear boas wherever they went. It’s a video that seems to be set in the Roaring Twenties and it should be. The track appears on the Great Gatsby, as well as on Will’s own album #willpower.

It begins with Will sitting among a brass band. After the band spends some time providing the trumpet and horn accompaniment in the song, they then break out into some hip hop moves, keeping this song and dance still grounded in the 21st century. For the vocals Will steps out onto the dance floor and shows the moves that he’s got, which are also a combination of classy yet unconventional. Joan Sebastian, who’s vocals are featured on the track, joins Will on the dance floor and watching the two of them makes you want to break out into your Jig Walk!

The entire video is shot in black and white, and with a monotone filter that gives the entire thing an even older and more vintage look and feel. To see all the roaring fun for yourself, and to hear a great will.i.am song if you haven’t already, you can check it out here.

Having just been released in April, this is one of what’s sure to be many singles from #willpower, Will’s fourth studio album.

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