Travel Back to the 80s with Blondie and Devo

Blondie and Devo were both two of the biggest acts in music during the 80s. And while both have taken hiatuses and been busy doing their own things, the two have now joined together on the Whip It To Shreds tour to bring fans an act so big, they had to wait twenty some-odd years for it. The tour starts out in Woodinville, Washington on September 7 and will take the two groups around on 12 different concert stops throughout the United States on September 26 in Chicago, Illinois.

Blondie has had a bit of remake after their hiatus and the band now include originals Debbie Harry, Clem Burke, and Chris Stein; as well as newcomers Leigh Foxx, Tommy Kessler, and Matt Katz-Bohen. Along the way of the tour they’ll be performing hits from their most recent album, Panic of Girls, which was released last year. Debbie Harry said when talking about the show, “We can’t wait to get out on the road with Devo. It’s going to be an incredible show and we’re excited to share it with our fans.”

Devo is undoubtedly just as excited to be bringing fans their newest music from their 2010 album, Something for Everybody, an album that they’ve been heavily promoting while on tour since its release. The name of the tour comes of course, from Devo’s biggest single, “Whip It.” On the tour original Devo members Mark and Bob Mothersbaugh, as well as Gerald and Bob Casale will all take the stage, as well as Jeff Friedl, who’s along for this tour.

When joking about the tour Mark Mothersbaugh said, “We are looking forward to performing alongside Blondie and swapping costumes backstage.”

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