The World’s Heaviest Band: Megadeth

Metal Trash fans prepare to increase the tempo and turn up the volume in hard-hitting, classical annihilation style; Megadeth style, that is.  It’s the Countdown to Extinction of their twentieth anniversary tour, and the window to grabbing your favorite concert seat is small; very small.  Only three appearances left for this fabulous tour to get your adrenalin rushing and your blood pumping, and what will you say to your friends who thrashed it out live to the vigorous resurgence of hot metal’s favorite performers?

Dave Mustaine surges forward as the original band creator and only constant member, that has included twenty gifted artists in its long career.  Formally the lead guitarist for Metallica, he was expelled for bad behavior; that is drugs and alcohol and all the bawdy things rock and roll artists often do.  With his ejection, he wanted blood.  He wanted revenge, and formed the heavy metal group that trashes louder, sizzles hotter, and crunches out messages faster and heavier than anything ever heard before.

“Killing is My Business and Business is Good” muscled through into hot, heavy metal headlines in 1985, securing Megadeth’s place in the classical line-up of heavy metal.  But it wasn’t until they signed up with Capitol Records, who released “Peace Sells…  but Who’s Buying”, that they jumped to the top of record charts, with more than a million copies of the album sold in the United States alone.  The album’s title track, “Peace Sells”, ranked number 11 in VH1’s greatest metal songs, and was chosen as their first musical video to receive regular air play on MTV’s Headbanger Ball.

Has Mustaine gotten his revenge yet?  In January of 1988, Megadeth released the album, “So Far So Good”, hitting platinum in the United States, and featuring a cover version of the Sex Pistols, “Anarchy in the UK”, with lyrics altered by Mustaine.  Later, Mustaine admitted he simply heard them wrong, but who could blame him when he’s busy winding up the fastest, hottest music on stage?

Megadeth received International acclaim when they rolled onto stage with “Rust in Peace”.  For the first time in their rowdy career, the band remained sober while working on the album, reducing a few of their earlier production problems.  “Rust in Peace” debuted at 23 on the US billboard charts and number eight for the UK.  It sold over a million copies in the United States and received Grammy award nominations in 1991 and 1992 for Best Metal Performance.

Countdown to Extinction has been considered their finest performance, and is the theme for their twentieth anniversary tour.  Revel in the clash of the metals, as Megadeth is prepared to rock you down like you’ve never been rocked before.

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