The Killers have a New Song, and a New Album

Fans of The Killers can put down their beaten-up copies of Sawdust and Day & Age that they’ve been listening to for the past four years, because the band is finally coming out with a new album! Battle Born, the fifth studio effort for the band is about to be released on September 18; and if any fans were disappointed with the pop sound of Day & Age, they’ll be happy to know that the band has returned to their more original sound.

The first song off the album, “Runaways,” was released last month and the slowed-down melody and poetic lyrics are more reminiscent of “When You Were Young” than it is either “Human” or “Spaceman,” two singles released off their 2008 album, Day & Age. To get the first listen of the new “Runaways” track, you can find it here. The newest album will also reunite the band with producer Stuart Price, who worked extensively with the band on their past two albums, Sawdust and Day & Age.

But a new song and a new album just isn’t enough after four years of silence, and The Killers are aware. It’s for this reason that the band will also embark on a tour to promote Battle Born, although no dates or venues have yet been set. Until then, fans are going to have to appease themselves with the new rocker song “Runaways,” and wait for more singles to be released until the album release date.

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