The Jonas Brothers are Back! Will they be Welcomed?

It’s been three years since they’ve done anything together, but the Jonas Brothers are back from their hiatus, and they’ve brought a soon-to-be chart-topper along with them. The question is, will it be enough for fans?

First, the music. The new single from the Jonas Brothers is called “Pom Poms,” and is a high-energy song filled with tons of pop beats, lyrics that are easy to sing along to, and danceable rhythm. And along with the song, the boys have already shot a full-length video to accompany the single.

The video was not to be released until today, although the boys did release two very small clips while at On Air with Ryan Seacrest. Surely prior to when the boys wanted though, the entire thing was leaked online yesterday, and you can see it here. The video sheds a newer, more grown-up look to the band, with scantily dressed girls dancing in the bleachers and around the bleachers. And the boys too, not only look more mature, but sound it too.

The question now is, will the song be enough to bring back their fans back?

In a pop world that currently seems a little overloaded with boy bans such as One Direction, The Wanted, NKOTB and the return of 98 Degrees, the Jonas Brothers might not sail through their comeback; but Jonas Brother fans are a loyal bunch, and the song does have a lot going for it. This song will mostly do very well on the iTunes charts, if only due to interest surrounding the band’s hiatus.

This song will probably help the Brothers make a huge comeback; but it might be a case of waiting for the next release to see if it’s a long-lasting one.

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