Pete Townsend, Quadrophenia and More!

There’s new need to play the catchy little word game, because when it comes down to spectacular rock and roll, when we say “Who”, the answer is an immediate “Pete Townsend“.  After releasing their documentary film, “Quadrophenia – Can You See the Real Me?” on July 25th. The Who is scheduled to start the Quadrophenia tour November 1st.  Just a few days out, and already the documentary film is raking in enthusiastic attention.  With never before seen footage, as well as all the smash elements that initially too k the world by storm and had fans screaming for more in the 1970’s, you couldn’t really expect less.

The tour will be Pete Townsend’s first get-together with colossal musician, Roger Daltrey in four years, but don’t think they’ve been twiddling their thumbs in semi-retirement.  Roger Daltrey was recently awarded an honorary degree by Middlesex University.  At the ceremony, he was joined by hundreds of students, many of whom had contributed to the visuals in the making of “Tommy”.  Daltrey’s only wish was that he had the power to pass out honorary degrees to all these talented, supportive students.

The Who will also be performing at the Olympics’ closing ceremony, along with George Michael.  In a statement to the press, Olympic organizers had said they wanted four major recording artists representing fifty years of Britain’s swinging music, and The Who represented its powerhouse swing at the sixties.

Pete Townsend has been hitting the news media with his own brand of activism.  Joining Elton John, Robert Plant, Brian May and other top recording artists, he launched a criticism against Google for its role in facilitating file sharing within the United Kingdom.  Saying it’s time for Google to clamp down on illegal sites, Townsend wants his creative property protected.  Considering that property is some of the best all time rock and roll music to grab both the stage and movie theaters, it’s difficult to blame him.  See them.  Hear them.  Get in touch with the real Who.  One of the most unforgettable groups to break the sound barrier, travel to the unimaginable heights as Pete Townsend and Roger Daltrey get together to deliver, “Quadrophenia” and more.

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