Paramore Releases Prototypical Single

Ever since their formation in 2004, Paramore has become known to their fans for their somber, despondent notes and lyrics. It’s made for a good backdrop not only to teenage angst, which many of their fans are going through, but also to many eerie creepy movie scenes such as those in Twilight and Transformers: Dark of the Moon.

But they’re coming back with a new album, and it holds some surprises for fans. They’ve kept those soulful notes and some of those downbeat themes, but their newest single Hello Cold World is set against an upbeat, near-skater tempo while Hayley Williams belts out encouraging (dare we say, uplifting?) lyrics, “You can’t just stay down on your knees, the revolution is outside, you want to make a difference, get out and go get it.”

That’s not surprising, seeing as how this is the first album the band has released without Josh and Zac Farro, but it seems as though they’re getting along just fine.

Another surprising (and maybe somewhat disappointing) thing about this newest single is that it’s not available for download on iTunes, or anywhere else. Only members of the band’s “Singles Club” will be able to buy the song, as they were the only ones lucky enough to get a preview of “Renegade” last month. December will see “In the Mourning,” as the final Club release before the album goes public for sale.

In order to get the band’s newest single, as well as the other two included in the exclusive singles trio, become a member of their Singles Club on their official website here.

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