New Daft Punk Album on the Horizon

Early last year American songwriter Paul Williams set rumors flying after suggesting there’d be a new Daft Punk album released. In fact at that time he said that it would be available in June of 2012. That time came and went and now we’re well into the New Year, still with no new Daft Punk. But, fans shouldn’t lose hope altogether. Disco artists and Daft Punk collaborator, Nile Rodgers, has now all but come right out and said that it would be in our hot little hands by the end of April this year.

Various news outlets have been reporting that we can expect new Punk this spring, but already being disappointed once and not wanting to get their hopes up, fans were hesitant to get excited about it. But Rodgers took to his blog earlier this month to give fans a small light at the end of the long tunnel.

“The next time I set foot in Japan, my collaboration with Daft Punk would have started to hit people’s eardrums,” is what Rodgers wrote on his blog. He’s set to land in Tokyo on April 24, so it seems as though fans will have their album before then. Or at least hear some new tracks from it.

But if they’re being tight-lipped about the release date, the band is being even more so when it comes to spilling news about what the album will entail. All we really know right now is that they’ve switched to Columbia Records from Virgin for this record, and Nile Rodgers will indeed be collaborating on it. For now, that’s all we get until April. Hopefully.

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