Kelly Clarkson is Coming to a Live Event Near You…But Not for Long

It’s hard to imagine American Idol winner and touring superstar Kelly Clarkson as the lonely type, as she has legions of fans, and just as many male fans as female fans. However, she recently told People Magazine that she is looking forward to a calmer, married life. “Hopefully I’m married with four kids,” she said regarding her future. “I love what I do right now, but I live a very single life…I don’t plan on doing this forever.”

Kelly Clarkson has just released her fifth album Stronger, but the more she talks to the press it seems as if she’s feeling the exact opposite. She stated that though she may not retire, she certainly looks forward to taking things much slower after starting a family life. Perhaps she is taking a cue from fellow American Idol sensation Clay Aiken, who has stopped recording new music and is now focused on raising his son Parker.

It’s inevitable that Clarkson will not be entertaining the masses for long, so it’s best you buy a ticket now to experience her wild youth in person. The latest concert tour “Stronger” includes classic Clarkson like “Mr. Know It All”, “Dark Side”, “Einstein” and “You Can’t Win.” Clarkson stated that her inspirations for the new album, and new musical direction, included Prince, Tina Turner and Sheryl Crow.

One thing you have to give Kelly Clarkson as a performer is that she can actually sing! She has the vocal range of what is called a spinto soprano, meaning she can easily hit high notes but can also achieve dramatic climaxes and darker timbres without straining her voice. Her above average singing talent is one reason why she remains a favorite of music fans (who follow any hot young superstar) as well as critics who appreciate the brilliance demonstrated in her work.

Remember, this is the Burleson, Texas girl whom Simon Cowell once compared to Celine Dion, saying that she had the best voice of the competition “by a mile.” Rolling Stone stated that she is capable of being sweet, sexy and “bone-shaking” all in the same breath. She came from obscurity and now is one of music’s greatest contemporary voices.

The world loves Kelly Clarkson. The question is, what lucky guy will she turn out to love more than the world?

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