Elton John gets 3-Year Headlining Gig in Sin City

Even though he says that it “isn’t like the old days,” Elton John’s returning to Las Vegas and he’s bringing yet another huge show with him! What the icon actually meant when saying that when about this most recent show, was that it will be nothing like anything fans have ever seen before. And that just might be true.

When Elton John opened his “The Million Dollar Piano” show this past Wednesday night, it may have been no surprise that he arrived in Elton style, sparkling cape and all, or even that he received a standing ovation after every song. The fact that the icon had a piano on-stage with him certainly also comes at no shock, given that he is after all, usually sitting behind one. And as an interesting side note, his show that ended in Sin City in 2009 was also dubbed “The Red Piano.” So the fact that he brought one along again is to be expected. But, this piano isn’t quite like any other that fans may have seen — or even heard of — ever before.

Inside the piano is a washing machine (spin cycle and all,) a microwave, and an aquarium. While Elton does spill that the washer is located in the back of the cycle, who knows where all that other stuff is crammed in? But this piano’s beauty doesn’t only lie on the inside; the outside is full of things for crowds to look at too, including a video screen on its side.

The piano is named Blossom after Blossom Dearie, the legendary jazz singer, and it took Yamaha 4 years to create the piece. Fans can see it for themselves throughout the month of October when Elton will be playing 16 shows. After that, the show will stay in Las Vegas for the next 3 years; so there’s lots of chances to get your tickets and see Elton (and Blossom) live!

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