Come Experience the Beauty of War with the Civil Wars

The Civil Wars, speaking of singer and songwriters Joy Williams and John Paul White (not referring to the American Civil War, mind you), are currently on the rising track to fame to international fame.  The duo’s voices often intertwine on their tracks (as heard in the album Barton Hollow) and this is one of the most interesting aspects about these Nashville upstarts.  While Williams was born in California and White in Alabama, the duo found their way to music in Nashville.

How did this wonder-band come to be?  With just a little luck and fate in fact, as the two singers met at a song writing session in Nashville, Tennessee and they just “clicked” upon meeting.  The band chose its name The Civil Wars as they felt it described the tumult of married life and the direction their music was going in.

Their first album has already taken off and recently won two Grammy Awards in 2012, one for “Best Country Duo” and the other for “Best Folk Album.”  Adele, the queen of the Grammy Awards this year, and Taylor Swift the current teen music darling, have also lavished praise on the band and have turned many of their fans on to them as well.  Things just keep looking up for this band!

The TV show Grey’s Anatomy got the duo off and running as their song “Poison & Wine” was featured in one of the series pivotal episodes.  Currently, you can hear one of the Civil Wars’ songs on the soundtrack of the popular tween flick, The Hunger Games.  “Kingdom Come” is one of their most soulful selections and definitely worth a viewing on YouTube if you haven’t heard the song or seen the movie yet.  If the smash hit movie is any indication of the sales of the soundtrack, the band couldn’t have picked a better album to start their career!  The album is currently number one on the album charts.

Come experience the Civil Wars in person and find out why they are the talk of the Grammy’s, the highlight of the Hunger Games and one of country’s true crossover stars!

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