Bob Seger Hits the Road in 2013

Bob Seger, popular classic rocker, takes his show on the road this spring with dates across the Mid-West and Canada.

Bob got his start in 1961 with a local band called “The Decibels.” They were a local favorite, and recorded a demo called “The Lonely One” at Del Shannon’s studio. Seger’s first original song, it was also the first song of his to be played on the radio, airing once on an Ann-Arbor, Michigan station.

Once this band broke up, Seger joined the Town Criers, another local band that became crowd favorites with Bob on lead vocals. From here, he moved on to a variety of other bands until he started his own band “The Last Heard”, which soon became “The Bob Seger System”. This band was signed to Capitol Records, and their second single, “Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Man” was a hit, reaching #62 on the charts and giving Seger his first real taste of success.

Seger released a solo album in 1970, and began forging relationships with long-time collaborators Alto Reed, Shaun Murphy, and the Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section. However, he was becoming frustrated and began searching for another band. In 1974, he began the Silver Bullet Band, and kicked of the era that saw his greatest success as a musician.

By 1975, Seger was receiving strong airplay in radio markets around the country and had a mild hit with “Katmandu”. But, in 1976, Bob Seger released “Live Bullet”, the album that would catapult Bob and The Silver Bullet Band to stardom. Live Bullet would eventually sell 5 million albums and stay on the charts for 168 weeks. By 1976, the album “Night Moves” had been released, which was not only commercially successful, but was loved by the critics as well for the dramatic tale spun by the song. With numerous albums and hits under his belt since then, Bob Seger has become a legend among classic rock fans, and his songs are staples on radio stations around the world to this day.

If you want to see what real rock and roll is all about, then you need to catch Bob Seger live in concert this spring, and enjoy the music of a musical legend.

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