Blink 182’s New Video is all About the Fans!

Blink 182 gives us another reason to love them! While it’s been 8 years since the group has released an album, a single, or a video, they’ve more than made up for it with the video for their new song “Up All Night.” But don’t think that this is your big chance to finally get a glimpse of the band you’ve been missing — the entire video is made up of fans videos that have been collected by AT&T and Blink 182.

The video starts off with a dedication from the band saying that they want to reward fans who used the band’s music without their permission, and so they’ve dedicated a video to them. To check out all the mattress surfing, air guitar strumming, and just regular hopping and jumping around kind of fun brought to you by Blink fans just like yourself, check out the video below!

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