Big Winners at the MMVAs

Who were the big winners at the MuchMusic Video Awards on Sunday night? The audience! While there was no one artist that took home the majority of the trophies, there were a lot of different musical styles and genres represented. Of course with MuchMusic calling Toronto home, Canada was largely represented throughout the show; but there was great representation from all corners of the world.

Vancouver natives Classified were one of two groups or artists to take home more than a single award, with his song Inner Ninja taking home prizes for both “Muchfact Video of the Year” as well as the highly coveted “Video of the Year.”

Marianas Trench were the other double winners, winning in both the “Your Fave” and “Pop Video of the Year” categories for their song Desperate Measures. During the show they also performed that song, pantless and with the letters “MMVA” scrawled across their backsides.

Another big hip hop act during the show was homegrown rapper Drake, who wasn’t expected to appear at the awards, but showed up to accept the trophy for his song Started From the Bottom, which won in the “Best Hip Hop Music Video” category.

Avril Lavigne, who was in attendance with her fellow Canadian fiancĂ©, also scooped up a trophy, for her song Never Growing Up, which won in the “Best International Video by a Canadian” category.

But it wasn’t just Canadians that picked up a coveted VVMA. There was plenty of international presence too, mainly from the show’s co-host, Psy. Not surprisingly, after a brilliant opening number he won “Viral Video of the Year” for Gangnam Style, which reached more than 1.65 billion views on YouTube.

Taylor Swift also picked up a prize for the fan-voted “Your Fave for International Artist,” her first MMVA ever. During her acceptance speech she thanked the Canadian fans for their continued support, and MuchMusic for giving artists a reason to put together great videos.

Swift spent the weekend playing for two sold-out crowds at Toronto’s Rogers Centre, and was festively clad in a white and black mini-dress made by Canadian designer, Vawk.

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