Adele Cancels Rescheduled Dates

Adele, and more the fans of Adele, just can’t catch a break. The singer, who has recently soared to the top of the charts and broken many records, including Eminem’s of most digital album copies sold, has just cancelled more of her tour dates. While it’s never good when a performer has to cancel shows, it’s especially disappointing in the case of Adele, mostly because these were largely shows that have already been rescheduled once.

Those shows were initially to be held during May and June of this year, but Adele had to reschedule them after she came down with a violent case of laryngitis. Adele did perform in August, but has now had to cancel the rest of her shows due to hemorrhaging in her vocal chords. Adele took to her website to tell her fans of the cancellations, and to express how deeply sorry she was.

It doesn’t sound like a serious condition, just something the singer will need plenty of rest for. And at this point, it’s probably best she take the time and come back in full gear; rather than needing to cancel even more shows after a premature return.

TicketMaster is still selling tickets to some of Adele’s shows but her reps have been pretty clear that there will be no shows in the near future. Whether or not these shows are just being scrapped altogether, or will once again be rescheduled, has not yet been announced.

Adele has also been known to put on surprise shows before — perhaps that’s the best way for the singer to make the ultimate comeback upon her return?

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