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Big Winners at the MMVAs

Who were the big winners at the MuchMusic Video Awards on Sunday night? The audience! While there was no one artist that took home the majority of the trophies, there were a lot of different musical styles and genres represented. Of course with MuchMusic calling Toronto home, Canada was largely represented throughout the show; but there was great representation from all corners of the world.

Vancouver natives Classified were one of two groups or artists to take home more than a single award, with his song Inner Ninja taking home prizes for both “Muchfact Video of the Year” as well as the highly coveted “Video of the Year.”

Marianas Trench were the other double winners, winning in both the “Your Fave” and “Pop Video of the Year” categories for their song Desperate Measures. During the show they also performed that song, pantless and with the letters “MMVA” scrawled across their backsides.

Another big hip hop act during the show was homegrown rapper Drake, who wasn’t expected to appear at the awards, but showed up to accept the trophy for his song Started From the Bottom, which won in the “Best Hip Hop Music Video” category.

Avril Lavigne, who was in attendance with her fellow Canadian fiancé, also scooped up a trophy, for her song Never Growing Up, which won in the “Best International Video by a Canadian” category.

But it wasn’t just Canadians that picked up a coveted VVMA. There was plenty of international presence too, mainly from the show’s co-host, Psy. Not surprisingly, after a brilliant opening number he won “Viral Video of the Year” for Gangnam Style, which reached more than 1.65 billion views on YouTube.

Taylor Swift also picked up a prize for the fan-voted “Your Fave for International Artist,” her first MMVA ever. During her acceptance speech she thanked the Canadian fans for their continued support, and MuchMusic for giving artists a reason to put together great videos.

Swift spent the weekend playing for two sold-out crowds at Toronto’s Rogers Centre, and was festively clad in a white and black mini-dress made by Canadian designer, Vawk.

Time for Tickets to the Patriots

The New England Patriots are an NFL team with a long history, most of which is shining with just a few tarnished spots. Ardent fans of the team will follow the team through winning and losing seasons, and will attend every game or at least watch it on television. The team’s detractors are often just as vocal about the way they dislike the team, so it is important for fans to get out to the stadium — and even to travel to other stadiums — to show support. This year promises to be especially interesting for fans of the team. Most have heard the recent news that the Pats just signed Tim Tebow, a quarterback with a strange history.

The Heisman winner has only been in the League for a few years, since 2010, and he’s been on three teams in that time — the Denver Broncos, the New York Jets, and now the Patriots. His NFL career started promising with the Broncos, having led them to a number of fourth quarter victories. However, his light started to fade, thus the trades.

Now, he is acting as Tom Brady’s backup. This could be a good plan on the part of the Pats, as Tebow does seem to show at least some promise. Under the tutelage of Brady — love him or hate him — Tebow could well improve. Of course, all this remains to be seen, and chances are Tebow will not be getting much playing time.

Of course, the Patriots are about much more than Tim Tebow. They are a storied franchise that always seems to be in contention for the title. The passing game is always interesting to watch whether you are rooting for the Patriots or against them. Regardless of which side of the line you are on, there is no doubting that Tom Brady can throw and the rest of the Pats know what they are doing on the field.

If you love the Patriots and you want to show your support for your favorite team, it’s time to check out some tickets right now. Make it to at least one or two home games this year.

Enjoy Some Time with Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s The Book of Mormon

When Trey Parker and Matt Stone decided they wanted to do a musical, many people had no idea what to expect. Some even rolled their eyes. Most people know Parker and Stone from their work on their seminal television series South Park, as well as from Team America. At first blush, many do not imagine that these two creators would be able to construct a musical that would be able to stand up to those that are on Broadway right now.

However, those who really know the duo’s work know that South Park and Team America both have a number of wonderful and very catchy songs in them. They happen to be wonderful storytellers as well, and this translates quite well to the stage. It was a new territory for Parker and Stone to enter, but they did so with aplomb. In fact, the musical opened to rave reviews from many professionals as well as fans who found it to be funny, engaging, and even heartwarming. Everyone from The New York Times, Rolling Stone, Variety, and The Hollywood Reporter loved the show.

Even the Broadway community embraced the show, and it received an amazing 14 nominations from the Tony Awards in 2011. It actually won 9 of the awards, including Best Musical and Best Original Score. No one seemed more surprised by these wins than the people behind the creation of this musical did. Parker and Stone said that they were amazed at the nominations and amazed that they were actually able to take home 9 Tony awards. Fans of the show will tell you that it was inevitable though. Anyone looking for something fresh from Broadway will enjoy it.

The Book of Mormon has done so well in New York, Chicago, and London that shows are now scheduled at other venues all around the country, and chances are they are coming to a theater that will not be too far from you. If you want to laugh, and you want to have an afternoon or evening full of great music, wonderful performances, and a fun story, then you want to see this musical! Buy tickets for a show in your area today.

Billy Crystal to Reprise One-Man Broadway Show One Last Time

billy-crystalIt hasn’t been on Broadway in nearly ten years. And since that time it’s been a touring show in both America and Australia, and has been turned into a book. Now, Billy Crystal is putting on his one-man show, 700 Sundays, one last time; and he’s doing it where it all started. That’s back on Broadway.

The title is inspired from the fact that before his father’s death, Billy spent nearly every single Sunday with him. This being the only day of the week that Billy’s dad had off from work, he grew up looking forward to that day — and those times — more than any other of the week. The story of Billy spending time with his dad, and eventually losing him to a heart attack when Billy was the tender age of 15, is what 700 Sundays revolves around. Now, the Tony award winner wants to bring it back one final time.

“I’ve now decided to tell this story one last time in my own backyard, where it all took place,” Billy said when talking about the show. “It is a privilege to return to Broadway to say goodbye to one of the greatest thrills of my life.”

The show already has previews set to being on November 5 at the Imperial Theatre, with the official opening night being scheduled on November 13. From there, the show will run until January 5.

When 700 Sundays was last on Broadway for the 2004-2005 season, it won a Tony award for special theatrical experience. It’s also the highest-grossing non-musical production in Broadway history. To be a part of it, just one more time, book your tickets today!

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