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After Huge Broadway Success, “Once” goes to London


Who ever thought that a simple love story, that was clearly the underdog from the start, could have gained such global attention that it goes from Broadway to London, with rave reviews all the while? That’s just what happened with “Once” as it prepares to go to London’s West End for showings at the Phoenix starting just after Christmas.

When “Once” first opened off-Broadway in 2011, it received some harsh reviews, with The New York Times being especially vocal about lackluster performances, and musical sequences that just didn’t quite hit the mark. Other critics thought that the show had potential, and that it could perhaps be a Broadway hit. The next year it was moved to the Great White Way.

Immediately upon opening on Broadway, it could be seen that “Once” was going to be a smash hit. During its time there it received 11 Tony Award nominations in 2012, and won eight of them. Ben Brantley, who had written the original review of the off-Broadway show, reviewed it once again during its opening night on Broadway. During that review he was forced to admit that “what is essentially the same production feels as vital and surprising as the early spring that has crept up on Manhattan.”

“Once” will begin playing at the Phoenix in London following “Goodnight Mister Tom,” which is set to run for nine weeks throughout Christmas.

The show will be directed by John Tiffany and choreographed by Steven Hoggett, the same creative team that was behind the critically acclaimed “Black Watch.” The love story has been written by Irish playwright Enda Walsh.

The Killers – Killing Them Softly With Awesome Songs

the-killers-bandTime goes by so quickly, especially in the fast-paced technology driven world of today.  Sometimes it is just nice to kick back and listen to some nostalgic tunes.  The Killers at first glance shouldn’t be “nostalgic”…until you realize the band formed over 11 years ago!  The good news is that they are performing all your favorite songs, as well as some new hits off their current album, combining the best of the past and the future. 

The Killers newest album is entitled Battle Born and was released on September 18, 2012.  This is their fourth studio album together and fans are already loving their newest songs.  The band took a hiatus at the beginning of 2010, and the time away certainly gave them some inspiration.  They came back on tour and now have some fresh new ideas. 

The first single of the album is entitled “Runaways”.  Critics are claiming the song stirs up nostalgia, with an 80’s rock vibe, and yet is the closest they have come to their original sounds.  Overall, reviews have been positive.  Other tracks you are sure to hear blasting on the radio (or on an iPod near you) include “Miss Atomic Bomb”, “Flesh and Bone”, “Here With Me” and namesake track “Battle Born”.

There is even better news: a tour has already been announced and tickets are already on sale.  Stops include California, Colorado, New York, Utah, Nevada and more.  They also make their way up for a few shows in Canada as well.  The first show is scheduled for September, and the tour will run until the end of December, which doesn’t give fans much time to snag tickets, and events are already selling out fast. 

Along with their newest hits, the band will be playing old favorites.  You will hear “Mr.  Brightside”, “When You Were Young”, “Read My Mind”, and more being sung live and in person.  Be the first to hear the band play their newest songs live, and enjoy a little nostalgic mind trip as they play your old favorites.  Get your tickets online today and don’t miss out seeing The Killers when they come to your neck of the woods. 

Joffery Ballet’s Human Landscapes Are an Amazing Human Experience!


Chicago is a city filled with wonderful experiences.  If you live in the city, or plan to visit in the fall of 2012, then don’t miss out on an amazing event for the eyes and ears the Joffery Ballet: Human Landscapes. 

This is a company that is known worldwide for its amazing visions of dance.  Human Landscapes is sure not to disappoint.  It is broken into three distinct pieces: Forgotten Land, Pretty Ballet, and The Green Table.  It is being held at the Auditorium Theatre at 50 East Congress Way in Chicago, Illinois. 

Forgotten Land is choreographed by the great Jiri Kylian, with the music of Benjamin Britten.  This dance has been inspired by a painting by Edvard Munch.  This painter was most famous for the painting “The Scream”, but the dance was actually inspired by another of his works, this one of women on a beach.  It deals with themes of motion, how the waves of the beach manage to erode the shore and also renew it.  It is sure to be a fluid and enchanting treat for the eyes.

Pretty Ballet has been choreographed by James Kudelka, with music by Bohuslay Martinu.  It is set in four movements and can be hard to put into words.  It truly is something to be experienced firsthand.  Watch as moods themselves take the stage, seem the change and flow before your eyes, see the dreams, see the framework of ballet, see the very muse at the heart of it. 

The Green Table is choreographed by Kurt Jooss, with the music of Fredrick Cohen.  This is a dramatic piece with an anti-war message at its heart as it shows the high price paid by all that engage in it.  This year marks the 80th anniversary of the piece, but it is timeless as the message is as true today as it was in 1932.  It is a stunning dance, and one not soon to be forgotten.   

Joffery Ballet: Human Landscapes is sure to be a highlight of your fall this year.  Book your tickets early as the show is only scheduled to run until the end of October, and the best seats are sold out quickly!

“Cougars” Take Over NYC!


Step into the St. Luke’s Theatre on 46th Street, take a sip of the cool Cougartini you’ll be served, and settle in to enjoy a show unlike any other you’ve ever seen. It’s about cougars! No, not the vicious and strong jungle cat, but that’s probably not the vision that first came to your mind. Instead, it was probably a group of older women looking to chase down some younger, “innocent” men. And that’s exactly what you’ll get when you go see “Cougar the Musical.”

Here you’ll see Catherine Porter playing the part of Lily; Brenda Braxton donning the role of Clarity; and Babs Win, who plays Mary-Marie. These three women spend their days talking about how old they are (”I’d like to start a social media site called ‘Facelift Book,” says Lily at the beginning of the show. And they spend their nights running after all their “prey.” That mainly comes in the form of Danny Bernardy, who plays a multitude of young male characters including Buck, Twilight Dude, Bourbon Cowboy, and Naked Peter.

Together, this brilliant cast puts on a show that includes raunchy (and humorous) dance and singing numbers; and their one-liners play off each other beautifully. But at the bottom of it all, is a pretty serious message showing the double standard set for men and women when they date people who are much younger.

“Cougars the Musical” is playing at St. Luke’s Theatre until November 4 on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays with a Sunday matinee.

Come Experience the Power of a Green Day Performance

green-dayGreen Day is on tour, taking their funky, get down, rock styled music to Las Vegas, Washington, San Francisco, and much more.  With brand new music and lyrics, Green Day has been wowing the crowds, showing up recently at New York’s Irving Plaza, rocking down with nearly three hours of hot new tunes and long-term favorites. 

Introducing songs from their upcoming album, “Uno!”, they thrilled audiences by mixing in recent hits from “American Idiot” and  classic gold singles from past recording artists, such Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven”, Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Sweet Home Alabama” and the Rolling Stones “I Can’t Get no Satisfaction” until the early hours of the morning.. 

“I’m going to keep playing,” announced Green Day front man, Billie Joe Armstrong, and play they did, while the crowds went wild.  They had barely belted out their first chords from “Welcome to Paradise” before a mosh pit formed among the screaming fans, and bodies began flying through the air.  When one young man, wearing an “American Idiot” tee shirt, crowd-surfed his way to the front and clamored on stage.  To the applause and encouragement of Billie Joe, the Green Day enthusiast leaped from the stage, diving back into the mosh pit. 

It’s all in fun and having fun is exactly what a Green Day performance is all about.   The American punk rock group formed in 1987, with Billie Joe Armstrong as lead guitarist and vocalist, Mike Dimt as bass and back up vocalist and Tre Cool on drums, who replaced drummer John Kiffmeyer in 1990.  At that time, Billie Joe and Mike Dimt were only fifteen years old.  They called the band at the time, “Sweet Children”, but dropped the name a year later to keep it from becoming confused with another band that was making the rounds at the time, called, “Sweet Baby”. 

By 1990, they were already on the way up with their debut album, 39/Smooth.  They weren’t just rocking nationally, but during the early 1990’s, were getting down with International tours.  Things quieted down for the rock group during the late 1990’s, with hardly a peep heard about them , but Green Day aren’t the type of group to remain quiet long or squeeze out the last penny they can from past successes.  They were busy trying out new sounds, and in the year 2000,    They busted out with their sixth studio album, “Warning” sweeping up eight California Music Awards the following year. 

Since then, it’s been one notable album hit after another, making sound waves with “American Idiot” and “Twenty first Century Breakdown”, which was released in 2009.  With these successes under their belt, they began a world tour, starting in North America and reaching around the globe, through the years 2009-2010.  The newest album release, “Uno”, is the first of a trio that appropriately follows as “Dos” and “Tres”.  Performing live in cities all across America, you won’t want to miss this talented and creative group. 

Rihanna Announces “Diamonds” Tour

rihanna-tourShe toured most of the year on her “Loud” tour and spent the past summer promoting her album “Talk That Talk.” And now, Rihanna has just announced that she’s going to be going on tour once again in the spring of 2013.

In true grandiose Ri-Ri fashion, the singer announced her “Diamonds” tour Friday morning, after she scooped up a VMA award for her hit song, “We Found Love.” At the award ceremony she also performed the song “Cockiness” from “Talk That Talk,” the first time she’s ever performed the song live.

The tour kicks off on March 8 in Buffalo, New York and currently includes 27 stops across North America, with more dates and venues to be announced soon. Some of the major cities included so far along the tour are Toronto, Chicago, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and San Diego, to name just a few. For a full list of dates and venues, you can check out the Rihanna tickets page here at

Rihanna does have a few shows planned before then though, for fans that just can’t wait. Later this month she’ll be making an appearance at the iHeart Music Radio Festival on September 21 in Las Vegas. Then she’s headed to Baku, Azerbjaijan for a two-night stay. On October 5 she’ll play at T. Bakhramov Stadium, putting on her second performance at Crystal Hall the following night.

Tickets for Rihanna’s “Diamonds” tour go on sale to the general public this Friday, September 14, 2012 at 10:00 a.m.

10 Huge Productions set for Broadway in Detroit


The season at Broadway in Detroit at Fisher Theatre started last week with the running of Billy Elliot the Musical, the show where Kylend Hetherington’s blowing audiences away as the title role. Billy Elliot will be playing until September 16 and while it’s a must-see for sure, it’s only one of many Broadway hits that the theater will be putting on this year.

Of the ten shows that are booked, The Book of Mormon, La Cage Aux Folles, Catch Me If You Can, Jekyll & Hyde are all new acts. They’re also all musicals, as are the returning acts. Those much-beloved favorites are Jersey Boys, The Lion King, and Mary Poppins.

Executive director of theatrical booking, Alan Lichtenstein, says draws in more crowds. He did actually try to prevent that from happening though. After trying to get War Horse to make its way to Motor City, Lichtenstein simply couldn’t fit it into the schedule. He promises that it’s the first name on next season’s schedule; and that theater-goers won’t be disappointed with the lineup. Here’s the schedule for that lineup:

* Billy Elliot the Musical (Now — September 16)
* La Cage Aux Folles (September 25 — October 7)
* Mary Poppins (October 23 — October 28)
* Jekyll & Hyde (November 27 — December 2)
* Jersey Boys (December 12 — January 6)
* The Book of Mormon (March 12 — March 24)
* Memphis — The Musical (April 9 — April 21)
* Catch Me If You Can (May 7 — May 19)

For a full listing of dates and times, you can check out the website here. Then, pick the shows that you want to see and get your tickets today!

17th Annual Children’s Festival — Come Enjoy the Fun


It can often be so hard to tear little ones away from all the technology today and actually get them active.  Of course, you have to find something that will not only get them up, but that will also excite them, and even sneak in a little education too!  If you are in the Spring, Texas area and looking for something to entertain your kids this autumn, look no further than the 17th Annual Children’s Festival

This isn’t some show where the kids merely sit in the audience and watch the fun happening on a stage, this is where they are part of the fun!  This is the 17th year of this fun filled festival, so you know they are doing something right.  It starts with ten pavilions, all filled to the brim with activities for your little ones to enjoy.  A practical playground for the young and young at heart you’ll find face painting, clowns performing their comedy routines, rides, sing along songs, craft areas, and plenty of kid friendly food. 

The good news is that this event can cost as little as $8 dollars, and that includes all activities and events.  This means parents won’t have to chase after lost tokens, missing tickets, or sold out areas of the events. 

In years past, there was the “Fun Zone” which featured hat making, panning for gold and sand boxes.  The “Healthy Kid Zone” had The Little Gym area, swimming, and even martial arts.  There was zydeco music, mad scientist areas, and even some dancing with Angelina Ballerina.  This year is sure to only be bigger and better than any before! 

The event is being held at the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion on November 10th and 11th.  The doors open early at 10am and a full day of fun lies ahead.  The day ends at 5pm, when little ones are sure to be tuckered out after all the excitement.  Get your kids away from the TV this fall, and in to having some hands on (and secretively educational!) fun at the 17th Annual Children’s Festival!  Get your tickets early for the best prices. 

The Visceral Experience of Bodies – The Exhibition


Have you ever wondered about all the processes going on inside your own body?  Ever got curious what you’d look like without your skin?  Or wondered how your muscles move your arm?  It is human nature to be curious, and luckily, you don’t have to pull any Hannibal Lector moves in order to find out the answers to your questions.  A visit to Bodies — The Exhibition can help really give you an “inside” look. 

The study of human anatomy is fascinating.  However, most of the in-depth views have, until now, been restricted to those in the medical field.  This exhibition may not be for the faint of heart or weak of stomach, and possibly not for those who don’t like controversy, but it is certainly fascinating to behold.  This is due to the fact that 200 real (expired) human bodies are on display.  These bodies have for the most part been donated by a late organ donor for this very purpose.  They have gone through a special preservation process, which will keep them in good shape for decades on end. 

You will be able to see an in-depth look at the human body and all its fascinating processes.  You will see the skeletal and muscular parts of the body on their own, so that you can get a clear picture of how it all works.  Take a gander at the digestive track, the reproductive system, and even the circulatory systems.  You’ll also see things such as a smoker’s lung compared to a healthy non-smokers lung.  (In fact, some people have actually been moved to quit smoking after seeing the physical results right in front of them)  You will see a fully stretched out human intestine, and a room of fetuses showing stages of development.  Many of the rooms can be skipped if preferred.

The show does often travel, but can most often be seen in New York, NY, Atlanta, GA, and Las Vegas, NV.  If you are interested in the way that the human body works, and perhaps want to teach your children the effects of healthy choices on their bodies, this is a great learning experience.  Don’t miss out on seeing Bodies – The Exhibition, buy your tickets online today! 

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