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B.B. King is Still Alive, Well, Jazzing and Touring!

bb-kingThere are very few 86-year-olds still touring the music scene today, but the blues singer B.B. King hasn’t let a little thing like age slow him down in the least. This Rock and Roll Hall of Famer is currently on a tour of the United States, so be sure to keep an eye out for when he is coming to your hometown, as you don’t want to miss a live performance!

B.B. King’s career started in 1949, meaning he has had over 62 years of performances under his belt! Generations from his day, as well as brand new generations today are discovering and loving his mix of blues, swing, jazz and pop. His guitar is almost as famous as the man himself. The story goes that he was playing in a dance hall in 1949, when a fight broke out and a lit kerosene barrel tipped over and caught the building on fire.

B.B. made it outside, only to realize he had left his guitar inside. He went racing back in to the burning building and rescued his beloved musical instrument. Sadly, two people were killed in the fire, which was all started as he found out later, by two men fighting over a woman named Lucille. B.B. then named his rescued guitar and all following guitars Lucille, to remind himself never to do anything so stupid again like running into a burning building, or fighting over a woman.

Famous tunes by B.B. King have included “3 O’Clock Blues”, “Whole Lotta Love”, “Sweet Little Angel”, and the Grammy Award-winning song “The Thrill Is Gone”, as well as a string of other hits. Besides the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the Singer has also been inducted in the Blues Hall of Fame, and was awarded the National Medal of Arts. He also received an honorary doctorate in music by Brown University, and was given the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

There is nothing like hearing B.B. King and Lucille play live and in person, so be sure to get your tickets before they are completely sold out!

Broadway’s Winterfest Fun Begins Tomorrow

It’s going to be a warm and sunny day in New York City tomorrow, but it should still be cool enough to keep those ice sculptures standing! Hopefully it will be as Broadway celebrates its ninth annual Winterfest on Broadway, an event for all ages and something that all New Yorkers look forward to every single year!

It all begins at 8:00 am at Taste of the South restaurant (located at 106 S. Broadway.) There guests will enjoy a huge two-hour breakfast spread to get their energy for the walk up and down Broadway to watch the ice carvers go to work on their pieces. Paul Salmon and Jamie Doeren are two of the most well-known artists at the event and they’ll be carving out the giant throne sculpture from, you guessed it, a giant piece of ice. Doeren will also be demonstrating a quick carves show from 12:00pm — 2:00pm. To truly see all the sculptures in a different light, be sure to attend the lit sculpture walk being held from 5:00pm — 10:00pm. 

Of course there’s always much more to Winterfest than just ice sculptures, and this year is no exception. Watch dogs try to pull out first place in the Tri-State Alaskan Malamute Club Dog Pull Competition that begins at 11:00am and of course, the children’s games, hayrides, and other family activities that are going on throughout the day. It’s going to be another gorgeous day in New York, and there’s no better way to spend a Saturday than by taking a stroll through Broadway.

Why Ovechkin Won’t be at the All-Star Game

The NHL All-Star game is being played this weekend on Sunday, January 29 at Scotiabank Place in Ottawa, Ontario. And if fans were disappointed that Sidney Crosby won’t be showing up, they’re outraged that Alex Ovechkin won’t be there. And it’s not because they view Ovechkin as the bigger star of the two. Unlike Crosby, who can’t attend the game because he’s still out with concussion-like symptoms, Ovechkin is simply flat out refusing to play, since he’s now been suspended by the league.

It was during Sunday’s game against the Pittsburgh Penguins that Ovechkin took a head shot on Zbynek Michalek that some are now saying was just plain dirty. The league agreed and suspended Ovechkin for three games. That time included the All-Star game, which Ovechkin had been invited to, but the league said that he could still play in that one game. Ovechkin though, wants the league to do him no favors and has now snubbed the invite. In a statement Ovechkin said, “My heart is not there. I got suspended so why I have to go there? I love the game; it’s great event. I’d love to be there, but I’m suspended. I don’t want to be a target. I feel I’m not deserving to be there right now. If I suspended, I have to be suspended. That’s why I give up my roster spot.”

The problem of course, is that Ovechkin is a huge draw for fans, and having an All-Star game without two of the game’s biggest stars seems a little counterproductive. But with Ovechkin’s stats this season, there will definitely be bigger stars with perhaps a little more talent there. But one of the other big problems with Ovechkin’s statement is that he’s been vying to get people over to Russia for the 2014 Olympics in Sochi, Russia, often talking about how important it is that big stars show up to increase awareness and excitement for the sport. This leaves many saying that if he wants all-stars to go to Sochi, he’d better be prepared to make the much shorter trip to Ottawa

How is the 2012 NBA All-Star Game Shaping Up?

Everyone knows that through fan voting, the NBA All-Star game is really more of a popularity contest than it is about seeing the best in the game; and this year the two just happen to coincide. We don’t know who will make up the final teams for either conference yet, but we do know who the front-runners are.

The current poll results were announced by the NBA on Thursday of last week and according to that, Dwight Howard has received 1.16 million votes to take the spot of the starting center for the Eastern conference; that’s more votes than any other player in the league has received for any position during voting so far. As for whom he’ll play with, LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony will most likely take the spots of starting forwards, with 970,000 and 780,000 votes respectively.

It’s the guard position that’s got all the votes in the West, and Bryant’s name is at the top of the list. While Byrant did receive over 1 million votes, he was still short of Howard’s numbers by about 50,000 votes. Other top contenders for the spot were Chris Paul (835,000 votes) and Ricky Rubio (600,000 votes.) As for whom Howard will most likely face at tip-off time? That will probably be Andrew Bynum, who’s currently ahead of his stiffest competition, DeAndre Jordan, by about 500,000 votes. Kevin Durant will also likely represent the West as the starting forward, with just about 1 million votes so far; Dirk Nowitzki and Blake Griffin are both his biggest competition, with the latter being ahead in the voting by about 260,000.

Of course looking at the numbers right now only gives us a good guess at who the teams will be. But with the starting lineup being solely based on these votes, a look at the numbers may be all we need. As for the reserve teams? Those will be decided by the coaches of the teams, which will be the coach of the team in each conference that holds the best record of the season as of January 31.

The announcement of who the coaches will be should come shortly after January 31, as it only takes a peek at the stats to find out. Meanwhile, the starting lineups for both teams will be announced on February 2, with the complete lineups being released on February 9.

Voting hasn’t been closed just yet and those who want to do so have until January 31 to get their say in. Those who want to place their vote need to visit the NBA website here, sign up to become an NBA All-Access member and then place their vote. With the game coming up on February 26, it’s a great way to get in on the action!

Mike Cammalleri Excited to go back to the Flames

Thursday night proved to be one of the moments that makes hockey so great. Going into their game against the Boston Bruins, all the talk was about the comments power forward Mike Cammelleri had made to the press the day before. As the hockey game continued, that talk would get louder.

Coming off the ice after practice with his Montreal Canadiens teammates on Wednesday, Cammalleri was quoted saying to two reporters, “I can’t accept that we will display a losing attitude as we’re doing this year. We prepare for games like losers. We play like losers. So it’s no wonder why we lose.” The comments were harsh, even if they were what everyone in Montreal was thinking, and frowned upon in the world of hockey etiquette. But just how bad were those words, really? And how much would Cammalleri have to pay for saying them?

Prior to the game, head coach Randy Cunneyworth said that Cammalleri “had a right to his own opinion” and that “if he wanted more ice time, he’d have to play better.” While Cunneyworth did seem poised during his own statement, it seems he and Canadiens execs were fuming inside. After dressing Cammalleri for the Boston game, and allowing him to play for two periods, the forward was told to leave the ice, go back to the hotel and await further instructions. Those, as he and the world were soon to find out, were going to be to get on the next flight to Calgary, where he was now a member of the Flames.

The deal gives Cammalleri to the Flames along with Karri Ramo and a fifth round draft pick in 2012, in exchange for Rene Bourque, who will go play for Montreal in addition with Patrick Holland and a second round draft pick in 2013. Jay Feaster, Calgary Flames GM, said that the deal has been in the works for weeks and has little to do with Cammalleri’s remarks, but the timing seems odd for it and many are saying that even dressing Cammalleri for the game shows the lack of organization and professionalism that Montreal has shown all year.

So how does Cammalleri feel about the trade? Well, he’s going back to a team he’s played for before, and a team and city that he loves. And his new general manager, says “When I called him, the first thing out of his mouth was ‘What are we? Four points back? I can’t wait to get there. I’ll tell you — there’s an excited hockey player coming to Calgary.”

And how does Feaster feel about having a somewhat loose cannon as part of his team? In his own words, “For me to hear the passion, the emotion, the enthusiasm, that he had when I called him, I’ll take that. Because that’s what I want — I want that passion. That’s something we need in our locker room.”

Come Experience Nickelback Live!

“This is how you remind me…” to buy Nickelback concert tickets, that is!  Nickelback is back with a brand new album and is touring the U.S. once again.  This Canadian rock band has been together since 1995 and rose to fame in the 2000s.  Since then, they have sold more than 50 million albums worldwide.  Since the start, Chad Kroeger has done lead vocals with Mike Kroeger on bass and Ryan Peake on guitar.  The drummer position has fluctuated a bit, though the current drummer has been with the band since 2005 and his name is Daniel Adair. 

Nickelback’s 2011 album Silver Side Up was their breakthrough album, which went six times platinum in the US.  “How You Remind Me” was the best single from the album, as it hit number one on the Billboard Hot 100.  Other great singles from the album included “Too Bad”, “Never Again” and “Woke Up This Morning”.  Chad Kroeger is the real deal, as he writes many of the song lyrics himself.  Fans love this band’s powerful rock anthems and the lyrics have often been said to be very personal to Kroeger himself. 

In the band’s spare time, they try to do a little charity work.  In 2011, they donated $50,000 dollars to the British Columbia’s Children’s Hospital, which specializes in health care for sick children and those with developmental disabilities.  The band also performed for the WWE Tribute to the Troops. 

In September 2011, Nickelback gave the announcement of their newest album to be released entitled “Here and Now”.  The album includes the singles “Bottoms Up” and “When We Stand Together” which they performed live at Ford Field in Detroit.  The album was officially released in November 2011.  Have you heard the latest album?  Many fans are giving it high reviews, and are dying to hear the new songs sung live and in person. 

Nickelback is currently touring with a number of other well known bands and is scheduled to make many stops across the United States and Canada.  If you want to hear your old favorite or brand new songs sung live then be sure to get tickets before they sell out! 

Huge Names like Dr. Dre and Radiohead Headline Coachella

snoop-dogg-coachellaThe Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, better known to festival-goers as simply Coachella, was set to have a huge lineup this year with Black Sabbath coming together for a reunion hard rock fans weren’t soon to forget. It was a huge disappointment when just prior to the official lineup announcement, Black Sabbath had to withdraw after finding out that guitarist Tony Iommi had been diagnosed with lymphoma. Coachella organizers seemed to be fully prepared for such an event, quickly coming out with the fill-in lineup. But sloppy seconds these are not.

Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg are set to fill in for the show’s finale spot which it’s thought had been originally slotted for Black Sabbath. It seems the two hip hop stars may have already been scheduled for the show, but The Black Keys did not appear in the original lineup and they now too, along with Radiohead, will step in to fill out the show.

The lineup switch-up sets the tone for another twist the show will take: this is the first year that the festival will run for two weekends in a row, with the same lineup playing all dates. Those dates are April 13 – 15 and April 20 – 22 and the festival will be held in Indio, California. Other artists to take the stage include Pulp, the Arctic Monkeys, and the High Flying Birds, which is a band formed by former Oasis guitarist Noel Gallagher.

The festival is sure to be three days full of some great hip hop and rock from all around the world! You can buy a full-weekend festival pass, and they go on sale on this week.

Van Halen Announces Tour through Video

van-halenWho’s aching to see some new David Lee Roth material? We’re right there with you, and that’s why we couldn’t be more excited about the new tour and the new album that Van Halen has planned for release! Of course, Van Halen has released albums in the past, but it’s been over a decade since any new material has been released, and 28 long years since fans have heard that classic rocker voice of Roth. But now, the time has come!

In less than one week, on January 10 to be exact, the band will release the first album off their 12th studio album. That song is called “Tattoo” and it’s just a teaser, not only for their album but for their huge upcoming tour too! That news was announced at about the same time news of the new record was released, and Van Halen announced it in the same fashion you’d expect — through a series of rocker videos set to some of their best songs. The videos don’t actually say too much about the tour, except that tickets for the tour will go on sale on January 10th as well. And yes, that’s the same day you can download the band’s new “Tattoo.”

This album will be the first time David Lee Roth has performed with the band since the album 1984, which was released the same year. Soon after recording that album, Roth left the group and was replaced by Sammy Hagar. Hagar will not be performing, nor will original bassist Mike Anthony, who’s now left the band to play with Hagar in a band called Chickenfoot. But, Alex and Eddie Van Halen will be there along with, of course, David Lee Roth.

A complete listing of dates and venues for the tour has not yet been released by the band, but there are promises that we’ll have those by the time tickets start going on sale. We do know that the tour will kick off in Louisville, Kentucky next month and if you want more information,visit the Van Halen tickets page.

So go ahead and “Jump!” Van Halen is coming soon to a city near you!

Toby Keith Announces Festival and Casino Dates for 2012

toby-keithToby Keith has been a busy boy this year, first traveling around on the “Locked and Loaded” tour with Eric Church and JT Hodges, and then performing on Fox’s New Year’s Eve special. It seems that latter performance was a warm-up for a slew of festival and casino dates that he’s scheduled for 2012, and we can only hope that there are many more to come!

The first show for Keith will be held on February 2, where he’ll perform at the Turning Stone Casino in Verona, New York before playing on February 3 at the Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut. Following those shows Keith will take a few months off before playing two nights each for the months of June, July and August at various festivals throughout the United States and Canada.

The scattered tour will be in promotion of his 15th studio album, “Clancy’s Tavern,” which was released on October 21, 2011, and which also helped Keith earn the Artist of the Decade award at the American Country Music Awards on April 3, 2011. It was during his acceptance speech that Keith talked about how much he loved being on tour when he said, “You guys keeps us out on the road and keep requesting stuff and keep us in business. We had a great decade, and I hope we have another one.”

From the looks of it, he’s going to get it! To check out all the dates and venues, at You never know when more dates will be added! Get your Toby Keith tickets today.

William Shatner is coming to Broadway!

william-shatnerHe may have started off as Captain Kirk of the Starship Enterprise, but now he’s mostly known for that charming, quirky personality. And whether he’s playing Denny Crane on The Practice or just showing audiences weird and wacky things on Weird or What, Shatner’s own unique personality shines through. Now, Broadway audiences will get the chance to sit through two hours of Shatner’s personality as he’s bringing his own one-man show to the big stage!

Shatner may seem like an odd choice for the Broadway stage, but it’s actually where the actor began his career over 50 years ago. But the audiences of “Shatner’s World: We’re Just Living In It,” won’t be able to tell any time has passed at all, as Shatner will recount experiences he’s had with fans while promoting his books.

The show comes at a time when Broadway had a spot to fill after Private Lives starring Kim Catrall, had its show scheduled to be cut short on December 31. The show will begin running in February before going on a 15-week national tour; but people are already talking that this show is going to be such a hit that it won’t be long before it comes back to Broadway for a longer sting.

First Hugh Jackman and now William Shatner, looks like one-man shows are coming back to Broadway! Who would you like to see in a one-man show?

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