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Kasabian to Play Huge 10-Stop Tour

kasabianThe four-man band that makes up Kasabian has certainly had a busy summer promoting their newest studio album, Velociraptor; and they’ve been traveling all over the UK to do it! In June they showed up at the Isle of Wright Festival, only to rush off to Belgium the next month to play Rock Werchter. They’ll take some time off to enjoy the madness after Velociraptor, their fourth album, is released on September 19. Then, they’ll hit the roads again starting in November for a huge 10-stop tour.

The tour for the new album will have Kasabian stopping in some of UK’s biggest arenas, including those in Liverpool, Manchester, and Sheffield. The tour will kick off in Brighton on November 28, 2011 and the band will wrap things up in London at the famous O2 arena on December 14, 2011. And if you’ll be anywhere around the UK in the meantime, you can check out the full listing of tour dates here.

Switchblade Smiles and Days are Forgotten are the band’s two latest singles off Velociraptor and the videos for each have already received millions of hits on YouTube. The album is the first time fans are getting a chance to hear guitarist Jay Mehler, who joined the band on a full-time basis in 2010; and most of the writing was done by band member Sergio Pizzorno, who took over song writing duties when former band member Christopher Karloff left the band due to “creative differences.”

What will come of NBA Meeting Next Week?

nba-meetingThe NBA and the union have not been on good terms with each other this summer; and even though the lockout officially began on July 1, 2011, there hasn’t yet been any real sense of urgency to the entire matter. But with the season’s regular opening date looming closer and closer, and players starting to visualize the reality of not receiving a paycheck in the coming weeks, that sense of urgency is starting to set in.

David Stern, commissioner of the NBA, says that both sides must be in collective bargaining talks before Labor Day; and stresses that if they are not, there may be little hope of having a season at all. But even if talks do begin before the long weekend in September, what chance is there that anything will come of it?

This will after all, only be the second meeting the two sides have had since the lockout began. The first was held on August 1, and although it was originally thought that another two or three meetings would be held, that failed to happen. The union has mostly been busy speaking amongst themselves, and David Stern has been on vacation for much of that time. Added to that, both sides have also filed suits with the National Relations Labor Board, and that has also contributed to holding matters up.

Most predict that even with a Labour Day weekend meeting between the NBA (tickets) and the union, real talks and bargaining won’t start happening until games actually start being cancelled and everyone across the board starts losing real money because of it. That won’t happen until late in September, so it would be even later than that until any actual deals were made and finalized.

Lil Wayne to Release Album Immediately After VMAs

lil_wayneIf you’re anybody in the music business, or you’re trying to be somebody in the music business, the VMAs is a great place to make a scene and get people talking about you. And while Lil Wayne probably won’t show up in a meat dress, he is going to create a buzz by releasing his newest album, Tha Carter IV, just minutes after the show.

MTV’s Video Music Awards will be held on Sunday, August 28, 2011, and just minutes after the host closes the show, you’ll be able to get your hands on a digital copy of it by going online. But if for some reason you’re disconnected on Sunday, you’ll still be able to get it at retail outlets the next day, Monday, August 29. For his eighth solo album, Lil Wayne has recruited some serious talent for this album, with the likes of Drake, John Legend, Rick Ross, Tech N9ne, and T-Nine all appearing on the album.

Talk of Tha Carter IV has been going on for some time and there was originally some question about what would actually happen to it. There was initially talk of packaging it as a double album along with Rebirth, another proposed project that includes many of Wayne’s leaked tracks, but Lil Wayne has been quick to dismiss any such notion. He’s proud of the album and says that the album has earned the right to stand on its own, and he has no doubt about it doing just that.

As for the creative marketing strategy to release it just moments after one of the biggest shows of the year? About that, Lil Wayne says, “I am extremely excited to be the first artist to utilize such an amazing idea. I hope that I can open the door for others.”

Eminem, Royce da 5′9, Bruno Mars Release “Lighters” Video

eminem_bruno_marsIt’s not the first time that Eminem and Royce da 5′9 have teamed up together as Bad Meets Evil to pump out some great hits, but it is the first time in a long time — and this time, they’ve brought Bruno Mars along for the ride!

The video is for the song Lighters the first song off their latest album, Hell: The Sequel. And while you may expect these two hardcore rappers to come out with fists pumping and guns blazing, the video seems to be a tribute to the growth of both rappers since they last paired up in 2008, with Eminem’s original group, D12.

The video begins with Eminem sitting in his cluttered living room writing music and we’re given a sense that it’s “back in the day,” with Em donning shocking blonde locks, track pants, and all. The scene also gives off the tone of past times, when Em had yet to break out onto the scene and was frustrated with his struggling career and even more challenging life. Suddenly, he finds a trap door in his living room and after entering it, he’s taken to a dark tunnel where he has nothing but a blazing torch to guide him. And suddenly, his raggedy clothes have been traded for a leather jacket, and his hair has gone back to its original brown roots that Em has worn in the later stage of his career.

Meanwhile, Royce da 5′9″ is on his own journey in the video, going from a jail cell to the same dark tunnel, and making the same kinds of transformations along the way. Royce also wears a Detroit hat throughout the video, which is also symbolic of both rappers returning to their roots. And the entire time, Bruno Mars sits alone at his piano, tapping out the keys and crooning about lighting the sky up with lighters. At the end, Royce and Eminem come together, along with many onlookers, in a large field overlooking a valley, to see the sky fill up with glowing paper lanterns.


Check out this truly stunning and surprising piece from tough-guy rappers, Eminem and Royce da 5′9″ here.

No New Games Added to Upcoming NFL Schedule

nfl-gamesThe NFL wanted to include 18 more games in their upcoming schedule as part of the collective bargaining agreement, but many of the players, coaches, and general managers see that as a major problem. And as such, no new games will be added.

So what’s wrong with giving fans even more games to cheer on, and giving the owners more revenue from those games? It’s just not possible, especially in states where the climate gets very cold come mid-January, and players and fans are outside for hours at a time. In states such as New York, Pittsburgh, Chicago, and Buffalo, by the time January rolls around, there’s already plenty of snow on the field and temperatures are just far too low for anyone to be out there for any length of time.

So, one of the two or three proposed weeks would need to come at the beginning of the season, which would make that one week fall in line with Labor Day weekend. The problem with that is that the NFL mandated in 2001 that no football is to start that weekend, as too many fans use that weekend as vacation time before heading back to school and work.

The other problem, says some teams, are the short careers of football players. With the average player playing only three or four years before they must exit the league due to injury, adding 18 games is a major risk. During that time, good players who are already getting injured during the regular season could become even more severely injured, shortening their time in the league to just two years, or perhaps even just one! That risk, is just one that doesn’t need to be taken.

As it stands, the NFL is currently hoping to still extend the football season to President’s Day weekend. But that’s not going to happen this year and, as some executives have made it clear, they’re hoping to stop that from ever happening.

Concerts Cancelled at Indiana State Fair, Others Relocated

maroon5The Indiana State Fair is still in shock from the disaster that struck this past weekend when the Hoosier Lottery Grandstand collapsed just before the Sugarland concert, killing five. Sugarland is devastated by the loss, and sent their condolences almost immediately via Twitter. While the fair grounds were closed all weekend after the tragedy, and a memorial service held yesterday morning before the grounds were reopened, many were left wondering what would happen to the rest of the fair’s events and mainly, concert line-ups. And while there was rumor that all acts would be rescheduled, only a few of them and some big names have been cancelled.

Janet Jackson was going to appear at the fair on Wednesday, August 17, but that show has been cancelled; as has the Lady Antebellum concert that was scheduled for Friday. Train and Maroon 5 were also set to perform at the fair and while those shows will go on, the new location for them has not yet been announced; both groups will perform on Thursday, August 18. But who knows just how that show will go? James Valentine, guitarist for Maroon 5, said that he didn’t know if going ahead with the show was right, saying “It just doesn’t seem like the right sort of atmosphere, y’know? It’ll probably take some time to heal. It’s such a tragedy.”

No doubt there will be a few memorials held for the victims throughout both shows. But still, Maroon 5 doesn’t feel as though that’s enough. They will be holding a benefit concert for the victims of Saturday’s accident, although details of that show have not yet been released.

NFL Future in LA Looks Good!


Los Angeles Convention Center

After a lot of debate on whether or not the Coliseum stadium, currently being used by the University of Southern California would also be used for an NFL team, it seems it was much ado about nothing. That doesn’t mean that USC has to give up their stomping grounds, nor does it mean that L.A.’s NFL future is bleak. In fact, just the opposite as a new deal has been made that will give everyone what they want — USC a stadium pretty much all their own, and an NFL team that will also have their own place to call home. After the Los Angeles City Council voted unanimously on Tuesday to a “non-binding agreement” that will allow a new stadium to be built in downtown Los Angeles.

The agreement allows Anschutz Entertainment Group to build a new stadium right next to the Staples Center, which makes it a great location for another sports venue. The stadium will cost $1.2 billion to build and will hold 72,000 seats. Construction will begin in 2012, once the current West Hall of the Los Angeles Convention Center is demolished; the building will be completed in 2015. The name of the new building will be Farmers Field, but what will the name of the team playing there be?

No one has the answer to that — yet. The city fully agrees that the new building and a new team will create jobs, bring revenue to the city and finally (and most importantly,) give Angelinos an NFL team to cheer for once again. And while it may not be known just which team will be the lucky ones to make the new building their home, city officials are hoping to have an NFL team back playing in the city by 2016. Even if Farmers Field is not yet complete, they are hoping that a team could use the Coliseum in the meanwhile; which might just bring that debate back to the forefront in a few years.

Idol Star Lauren Alaina Releases her First Video!


It’s a big day for American Idol stars! While the winner of this past season’s Idol, Scott McCreery, will release his first video later on today, the young lady that stood beside him during the finale released her video for her debut single yesterday. Lauren Alaina, runner-up in the show but already a big star, has just released her video for her song, Like My Mother Does, and it proves once again that Idol is the birthing place of some very big country stars.

In the video, Lauren is seen sitting on the porch of what seems to be her childhood home while video clips and photographs of Lauren and her mother are flashed on-screen. And while it looks like a Mississippi or Tennessee home, the video was actually shot in California with Nashville native, Shaun Silva directing, to give it that authentic Southern flare. The video doesn’t solely reflect on Lauren as a little girl though; we also get clips and tidbits of Lauren in the studio recording her first song. It’s pretty fitting, since Lauren says that she wanted the video to show who she was, who she is, and where she came from.

Lauren says that the video is a tribute to thank the person really responsible for her newfound career, but Mom’s not the only one Lauren wants to thank — she also wants to thank country radio! Lauren said right after the single was released that she was overwhelmed it was being played by so many, and so often, and she was itching to get out there and “personally thank” everyone for all of their support.

Check out Lauren’s new video for her first debut single, Like My Mother Does below; and watch for Scott McCreery’s video, I Love You This Big, below as well!

Pete Wentz has a New Sound, a New Band, and a New Album!

pete_wentzPete Wentz has come a long way from his days as a Fallout Boy, and he celebrated that fact by giving the world its first taste of his new band, Black Cards, at Lollapalooza this past weekend. There he was joined by fellow Black Cards band mate, Bebe Rexha, performing five songs from their debut album; and the sound was something entirely unexpected from Pete Wentz. Not surprising, Pete said himself at the event, as his music from Fallout Boyz was all “about catharsis and emoting.” Whereas the new, still unnamed album is “about fun and having a good time.”

The band is planning to release the album later this summer or in the early fall to give fans an idea what exactly the Black Cards are all about. While the recording of it is finished, it’s still going back and forth between a few different labels. In addition to Wentz’s new sound, the album also features guest artists such as Chiddy Bang, Tyler Glenn, and Shaggy.

Blink 182’s New Video is all About the Fans!

Blink 182 gives us another reason to love them! While it’s been 8 years since the group has released an album, a single, or a video, they’ve more than made up for it with the video for their new song “Up All Night.” But don’t think that this is your big chance to finally get a glimpse of the band you’ve been missing — the entire video is made up of fans videos that have been collected by AT&T and Blink 182.

The video starts off with a dedication from the band saying that they want to reward fans who used the band’s music without their permission, and so they’ve dedicated a video to them. To check out all the mattress surfing, air guitar strumming, and just regular hopping and jumping around kind of fun brought to you by Blink fans just like yourself, check out the video below!

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