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One Man + Two Tours = Owl City

Owl CityThe music is known as electro-pop, and the sound is something that you might expect to hear from a ten or twelve piece studio band, or at least from a keyboard that costs more than the average car. Adam Young started recording his own little ditties and pieces in his parents’ basement as a teenager, a lonely and very antisocial teenager as he would admit. This was his outlet, his muse, and it ended up landing him not one, but two U.S. tours back to back.

The exclusive iTunes release of his first major label single “Ocean Eyes” did surprisingly well for both Adam and the label, selling a respectable 20,000 digital units within one week. Following this up with a little tune that Owl City likes to call “Fireflies”, the results were staggeringly more impressive. The song was purchase 650,000 times within a three day mini-release. This sparked some major interest, as his now adoring public was learning that this was the work of just one young man.

The fall tour kicked off October 13th, selling out nearly all of its projected dates before the tour bus was even under way. After two dates in Washington State and one up in British Columbia, Owl City heads Oregon and then makes his way in a hit-or-miss pattern to close up with three shows in Texas, the final falling on October 31st.

From here, Owl City will take a much-deserved holiday break while gearing up for the newly announced re-tour, scheduled to kick off on January 21st, 2010 from Missouri. This is a tour which is geared toward the Midwest and the east coast, placing shows in Oklahoma, Indiana, Wisconsin, Ohio, Maryland, Virginia, South Carolina, 4 in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, and Arkansas. For up to the minute schedules and ticket sales for all of your favorite events, shows, and sports, visit

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Controversy + Two Big Stars = Oleanna

OleannaDavid Hughes directs this two character play, acted from the controversial script by Pulitzer Prize winning play write David Mamet. Its first release happened off-Broadway, and coincided with the very public and disturbing Clarence Thomas-Anita Hill sexual harassment trials. This seemed not only to take away from the pungency and validity of the material covered in the play, but turned people off of seeing the play altogether. There was enough of the real life drama on the news to choke a horse with.

This 1992 release, therefore, did little to impress the public, though the play revived nicely during the test performances of September and October of this year, when the theater was seeing top figures and full seats at each screening of the play. Some critics have credited this to the big names who have captured the characters on the stage, namely Bill Pullman and Julia Stiles.

Oleanna touches on the subject of sexual harassment in a reverse theme, where the young, ill-mannered vixen tries to take control over the older man, a professor. Critics have proven to either completely shun it our embrace it open mind and heart, but when was the last time that we really cared about what a critic had to say? They hated CATS when it launched as well, and I think we all know where that went.

The running time for Oleanna, playing at the John Golden Theater on West 45th Street, is said to be one hour and 15 minutes, with no intermission. The play is said to be provocative and controversial, with a minimum of 5 shows scheduled per week. For up to date information about all of your favorite shows, events, performers, and sports, as well as for secure online ticket sales and bookings, please visit with all of your questions.

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Yes, Football Players Really Do Need Their Legs

Pittsburgh SteelersPatience is a virtue, as I’m sure you know, but this old adage or pep talk lingo never goes very far with players, with press, and most especially not with fans. Two major play makers on the Pittsburgh Steelers’ roster have been out for two and four games, so enough is enough already with the injury talk! Unfortunately for us, football players do need their toes, as well as their knee ligaments, so I guess we’re trumped on that argument. The good news is that both Willie Parker and Troy Polamalu returned to full practice gear and intensity on Wednesday with the rest of their teammates.

Of course, this is by no means an all lights are a go, but it certainly brings a ray of hope to the Pittsburgh Steelers bench, as well as to the team’s fan base. The Steelers did just fine against the Detroit Lions last Sunday without the two powerhouse players, but also sustained yet another injury during that game to defensive end Aaron Smith. The shoulder injury has been quoted as being “significant”, giving even more urgency to the call for Polamalu and Parker.

Willie Parker sustained a turf toe injury which has placed him out of commission for the past two games, while the left knee ligament tear sustained by Polamalu happened during the season opener and has taken far more time to heal. Both players were said to be exercising fully during Wednesday’s practice, in a sort of sink or swim type of test.

Plans to return both players back to the game this coming week have been in talks for some days now, though the actual call has yet to be made regarding the two. It will be interesting to see who makes it back to the field of play come Sunday.

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Steelers Update: Record (3-2)

Last game: Oct 11, Pittsburgh Steelers 28 – Detroit Lions 20
Next game: vs. Cleveland Browns, Oct 18 1:00pm ET

Christmas From the Heart …Of David Archuleta

David ArchuletaFirst the album, and now the tour. Oh, won’t the teenaged girls across the country think it’s Christmas? Well, it actually will be Christmas, but this year, the screaming, fainting, love-struck girls get to spend it with American Idol runner up David Archuleta, and the tickets are going fast! He is cute as a button, he sings like an angel, and he makes their hearts flutter with butterflies. Christmas means a lot to David, and he intends to share that feeling with his adoring public.

The album, Christmas From the Heart, was released on October 13 and has been a smashing success for the Archuleta team thus far, spurring on the announcement of the tour by the same name which will begin U.S. rounds on November 24th and entertain us all the up until December 20th, just in time for some last minute letters to Santa Claus.

Not being the winner of American Idol has come to mean quite a bit more over the past few years  than it has in the past, as proven by quite a few of the stars that we couldn’t live without these days having been voted off or left standing in second place. David Archuleta has, in some estimations, done just as well for himself as a runner up on the mega-popular show than he could have had he won, and he’s got the fans and sold out shows to prove it.

The Christmas From the Heart Tour kicks off from Salt Lake City, Utah, then takes a giant leap over to Michigan, before boomeranging back over to California for 4 dates. Archuleta then makes his way back across the country through the Midwest, and heads northward up the eastern coast to shut it down from Westbury, New York.

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So Many Tours, So Little Time

Just when we think we’ve got it all planned out, they go and switch it up on us again. Only, with the tours of our favorite performers, this is usually a good thing.  Many of the top tours in the country right now are experiencing huge sellouts and great feedback from the road, prompting more tour dates and lengthened runs in order to fulfill an adoring public’s hunger. First up, we take Owl City, otherwise known as 23 year old Adam Young, who has raged out onto the music scene, completely sold out his first tour booking, and has added an entire other leg, which will begin in January of 2010.

Sister duo Tegan and Sara are finishing up their home tour stint in Canada before freshening up for the extended U.S. tour dates, backed by popular demand, to begin on February 12th, 2010. The country runaway success Zac Brown Band has just set out on the road for an extended tour stint which begun on October 15th and will run straight through to December 27th, ending at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, Tennessee.

Less Than Jake is planning a November kickoff of a two week North American tour which starts from Baltimore, Maryland on the 14th and winds down on the 28th from Murray, Utah. One of these dates is scheduled for our neighbors to the north, the kindly folks of Montreal, Quebec.

Planning a boom across the Midwest also in November is Hinder, kicking off from Columbia, Missouri on the 13th and wrapping it up from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on December 4th of this year. Finally, but certainly not least, A Wilhelm Scream has announced intentions of extending their North American tour, fully in swing and scheduled for closure on October 30th, with a few dates which have the tour ending around the first week in November, so far.

American Saturday Nights With Brad Paisley

Brad PaisleyFans are in a bit of a tangent at present, because the American Saturday Night Tour is set to end within the next couple of weeks. Sold out shows and heavy demand, however, have impressed upon Brad Paisley the need to extend his live tour, taking a small break over the holiday season and hitting the road again during early 2010. See what a little bit of persistence and speaking your mind can do, fans?  The current leg of the tour started back in June and is set for its final show on October 15th at the Veterans Memorial Arena in Jacksonville, Florida.

A short downtime stint will refresh the singer, his band and crew, for a re-boost of the tour beginning on January 7th from the AT&T Center in San Antonio, Texas. From here, he and the gang will twang their way through the southern states before ending once again on March 6th from the Coliseum in North Charlestown, South Carolina. There are a total of 19 dates added to the itinerary for this extension of the Saturday Night Tour, signaling the success of not only the June release of his latest album by the same name, but of his performance and live appeal as the next up-and-coming country music legend.

Set to open for Paisley during this extension are the young Ms. Miranda Lambert and one Justin Moore. The original tour set near-record ticket sales for all 50 shows, some of which are already sold yet though not yet performed. A tour extension has got to be some of the best news that an artist can ever hear while on the road, weary and exhausted from 4 solid months of stage stress. Thus as the rigors of fame, and at least he knows how loved he is.

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Patch Adams Must Have Taught Robin Williams Something

Robin WilliamsNew York is honored to present a post-open heart surgery Robin Williams back for 7 more nights of Weapons of Self-Destruction. This is such amazing news for those diehard fans who have been worrying, praying, and sending Robin all of their best throughout news of the surgery and recovery. If there were ever any truth to that “laughter is the best medicine” adage, he would most likely be the one to prove it. His fans like to think that he has proved that very thing, with this New York commitment to keep us in stitches.

Robin Williams just finished his Weapons tour, when it was announced that he would be performing at the Town Hall in New York City during November. The exact dates for this engagement are slated for a two day opener on November 23rd and 24th before running through November 30th until December 3rd. The Weapons of Self-Destruction Tour launched in September of 2008, and will have reached 40 venues by the time it comes to a close in October. As with nearly everything that this endearing, insanely addictive comedic genius touches, most of these performances were sold out months in advance.

Robin Williams is 58 years old, and during the spring Florida stint of the Weapons Tour, he begun to have episodes including shortness of breath. This lead to the cancellation of that string of shows before the frightening and shocking announcement that he would undergo open heart surgery. What begun as a temporary glitch wound Williams up in the hospital undergoing emergency aortic valve replacement surgery. This had been his first live tour schedule in over 6 years, and Williams obviously has no intension of letting it be his last. The tour has been acclaimed and received extremely well by fans and critics alike.

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The Shine All Night Tour, Martina McBride and Trace Adkins

This is a doubleheader if there has ever been one, as these two country superstars will share equal time on stage, neither one opening or warming up for the other. How would one even decide who the opener was with two such stars? Martina McBride is one of the most recognizable and strong voices in country music today, easily going breakthrough with many of her most popular hits over the past 14 years. Trace Adkins has garnered a great deal of acclaim and attention for his latest album X-Ten, but has also been moving and shaking us for over 10 years.

Martine McBride’s latest album is called Shine, and was released in March. You can purchase Shine All Night Tour Tickets on for most of the show dates.  The tour kicks off on November 20th at the I Wireless Center in Moline, Illinois and continues to shine all the way through until April 10th, 2010, when the final show is slated for the Bismarck Civic Center in Bismarck, North Dakota. For up to date and schedules on all of your favorite shows, sports, and events, please visit often.

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The Thrill of Competition and Old Vendettas

College football, even more so than any of the other college sports, and probably any American sport played in the public eye, is famous for its rivalries. There are two things that make the ideal rivalry come to light, the first of which is the acknowledgement of both parties. One team can fear, respect, detest, or wish to gain revenge against another, but if the feeling is not mutual, there is no rivalry, merely a one sided battle to prove moxie. The true rivalry is born of a solid, mutual tradition of head-butting, tooth-grinding, sod-chewing, sweat-inducing, painstaking Competition. Yeah, that’s what we love.

The next determining factor in the true college football rivalry has to do with past situations, events, catastrophic miracles, and, of course, myths and superstitions. Any or all of these factors spark a certain long-lived and increasingly heated battle cry from one party to the next, only to be returned just as fiercely by the intended opponent. We really love this, too. One with something to prove, one with something to protect, no matter the current record, standings, stats, or odds. This is truly something to see.

In these ways, rivalry games tend to have little or nothing to do with how well a team is playing during that, or any season. An 0-6 team who never fills one side of their home stadium can easily pack the stands when game 7 is against the detested rival. Some of the famous rivalry games yet to play out this season in college football include:

Texas vs Oklahoma
Michigan vs Ohio State
Florida vs Georgia

Texas vs Texas A&M
USC vs Notre Dame
LSU vs Florida
Oklahoma vs OK State
Alabama vs Auburn
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NFL: The Best and Worst… Thus Far

We have officially captured 4 regular season games per team in the NFL, and there are certainly a few standouts who deserve an honorable mention. As they say with all things, it ain’t over til the play clock on the Superbowl board runs out. Well, maybe they don’t say it exactly that way, but for the true football fan, that’s exactly the way it feels. Let’s start with the very best of the best, those who have gone 4-0 for the season.

The New York Giants top the NFC East, while the Minnesota Vikings have the NFC North. The New Orleans Saints are rocking it our for the NFC South, and the Indianapolis Colts have control over the AFC South. Our final 4-0 team for this week in NFL history would be the Denver Broncos, showing the way home for the AFC West. The score leaders for the remaining divisions are not with a perfect record, those being NFC West San Francisco,  AFC East Buffalo, and AFC North Baltimore.

We’ve got five goose egg teams thus far this season, or in other words, teams who have not yet managed to squeeze out a victory. These include the NFC South Carolina Panthers, NFC West St. Louis, AFC North Cleveland, AFC South Tennessee, and AFC West Kansas City. All of the middlemen in the league, realizing that they have already blown the chance for top honors, are just hoping to stay within that quiet in-between until they figure out what the problem is and how to fix it.

This is where everything starts to pull into shape across the league. Those whose teams were at 0-3 last week were still able to draw a breath of hope, but once week 4 has come and gone, ¼ of the season tallied and gone, fans start to really understand where their favorite teams measured up in the pack. For some, that really hurts.

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