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A Glitch Or A Pattern? Atlanta Down For The Count Against New England

The knock out combo for the New England Patriots was set up systematically by three of the teams’ more prominent players, namely Tom Brady, Randy Moss, and Fred Taylor. For the veteran running back Fred Taylor, the game was about momentum and vision, both of which need to be realized even if they cannot be planned for. Though Randy Moss wasn’t able to rack any points onto his impressive record, his efforts and successful plays were key to the Pats’ 26-10 victory last Sunday.

The only scoring tacked on by the Atlanta Falcons happened during the first half of the game, after which point they were found out and held to a standstill by an impressive Patriots defense. It was certainly not a full-out, runaway win for New England, but they are responsible for reading, breaking up, and squashing key plays which could have kept Atlanta in the game.

According to  a statement by New England safety Brandon McGowan, the Pats did fail at one of their predetermined goals for Sunday’s game. They were to stop Pro Bowl tight end Tony Gonzalez of the Falcons from making any catches at all. Grinning, McGowan joked that the plan was indeed a failure, as Gonzalez was afforded one catch during the game. Here’s to thinking that they may not want to beat up on themselves too badly over this one.

The running game for New England caught fire Sunday, with 115 yards rushing coming from Fred Taylor alone, who turned his momentum into a touchdown run. Brady connected with Randy Moss 10 times for a total of 116 yards, and the Pats’ defense held the Falcons at bay for the entirety of the second half. For more up to the minute updates, and for secure ticket sales, visit

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The 360 Tour: U2

U2 360 TourThe 360 Tour is a world event, and one of the largest to hit these lucky venues in years. With the North American leg of the tour upon us, dates and schedules have been a bit lose and unorganized of late, but this band is not into disappointing their fans, so be sure that you are ready when these four Irish lads hit a stage near you. Promoting the No Line on the Horizon album is a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it.

This tour differs dramatically from the concerts that U2 have put together for fans in the past. The 360 quip is actually taken from the way in which this tour is designed, placing the band on a center, round stage for better exposure to the audience. There are more front row seats available with this configuration, and all standing room is closer than that of the typical front facing venue.

Rumors that this worldwide tour has yet to turn a profit don’t seem to be killing U2’s spirits or performances, and thus far, the concerts have gone off without a hitch. Sold out arenas and millions of merchandise sales call to question these reports, and yet the show reportedly costs more to set up, perform, and dismantle than the band pulls in each night.

Tour dates have been extended for the American leg of the tour, and the band will be performing here between September 12th and October 28th. The tour will head over to Canada for two shows before landing and a long rest. U2 will also be back in America during June and July of 2010 for more performances. Be sure to stay updated and informed about all of your favorite events, and for secure U2 tickets visit

Stomped By The Giants: The Bucs Fighting For Air

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers just couldn’t hold it together on Sunday against Eli Manning and his New York Giants. And talk about unraveling lawn chairs, this team wasn’t able to rally for more than 5 first downs throughout the entire time of play. While the passing and running games dug in and took control of the field in the Giants direction, the Buccaneers struggled with some of even the most basic fundamentals of football. With the Bucs head coach, Raheem Morris, quipping the game and his teams’ effort as “completely disastrous”, one wonders what went on in that post-game locker room.

The Buccaneers did set a new record for their team franchise this past week, that of the fewest first downs ever created during a regulation game. As the Giants prepare for their next bidding against the Kansas City Chiefs, they will be spit-polishing the shine from this momentous game and applying to their daily preparations.

The Buccaneers, however, will be back to the drawing board, starting fresh, and trying to figure out what went wrong before they head off into combat against the Washington Redskins. Let us hope that they are armed this time. Perhaps on the plus side for the Bucs, the Redskins are also coming off of a defeat, though not nearly as harsh or disheartening as their own.

Eli Manning passed for 161 yards and threw two touchdown passes to the lock the game down at 24-0 Giants. With a little help from his running back friends, the Manning-led offense managed to carry 40 times against the Bucs’ struggling defense. Giants coach Tom Coughlin is impressed with his teams’ turn about last Sunday, stating that many of the things they had struggled with had been addressed and were now ticking more smoothly on the field of play.

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The Triumphant Comeback Still A Fast Favorite For Favre

Brett Favre VikingsThe final ticks in this game were absolutely thrilling, as once again Brett Favre proved that he is one of the most valuable football players under pressure that the sport has ever seen. It’s almost as if something clicks in him when his team is down by double digits, and you can see him churning into action right before your very eyes. Some might call it a hero complex, but by anyone’s standards, Favre has the market cornered on dramatic, victorious finishes.

Favre’s final play found Greg Lewis at the very back tip of the end zone, touching two toes in for a 31 yard touchdown pass at the final breathe of the game. The final score was 27-24 Vikings, making this final stand one of the most meaningful thus far this season. This game started off with two teams who had yet to be defeated, adding even more of a thrill to the overall importance of this victory.

Favre completed 24 of 46 passes for a total of 301 yards on the day. Chester Taylor caught 7 of those passes for a total of 70 yards, while San Diego had quite a bit of action and success on their end of the football. Shaun Hill was good for 15 of 25 completed passes for 195 yards on the day, but also tossed an interception. Vernon Davis grabbed 7 passes for San Diego for a total of 96 yards on the day.

The running game for Favre’s Vikings was also productive, with Adrian Peterson gaining 19 carries for 85 yards on the ground. What a game. For up to date information, statistics, news, and for secure online purchase of tickets for all of your favorite shows and events, please visit often.

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The 2009-2010 Basketball Season

The Philadelphia 76ers will adorn new uniforms this year, Flip Murray will sign on as guard for the Charlotte Bobcats per a one year contract, it Is possible that LeBron James will go to the New Jersey Nets, and Minnesota Timberwolves center Mark Blount has been given the walking rights to seek a trade despite being the second highest paid athlete on the roster. This is just a tiny glimpse into the goings on throughout the NBA today, and there is, as always, so much more to it all than meets the eye.

Both Nate Robinson and David Lee are in the final stages of contract negotiations which will place them on the roster for the New York Knicks during the 2009-10 season. You got it, the Knicks are on a championship hunt this year, and have thus far been willing to throw in enough playoff incentive money to prove it.

If you’re wondering who the most watched and respected team is coming into this exciting season of professional basketball, you need ponder no longer. The general consensus is that the Denver Nuggets could go all the way this year, and there are few who can give good reason as to argue against this predetermination. Of course, this is the NBA, a stage where anything can, and probably will, happen.

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The True Nature Of Monster Jam Trucks

monster-truck-jamComing off of an extremely emotional January, 2009, when the first spectator death in nearly 17 years occurred due to a drive train safety mechanism failure, the Monster Jam Truck circuit is ready to gear it back up and hit the road. This is a show which has been a prominent part of southern US culture for over 35 years, and has grown steadily into an event that over 2.5 million spectators attend each year in North America alone.

Add in the countless feature DVD’s sold, the multiple cable programs dedicated to the sport, and the special tours scheduled for performance in the UK and Europe, and you’ve got yourself an unbelievably big deal. There are more trucks on the registration for this Feld Entertainment venue than any other motor vehicle spectacular in the world. That’s a lot of trucks, cool ones, too.

Each Monster Jam Truck event is contested in two separate formats, the first being the race portion of the event, and the second being the freestyle leg. Points are accumulated for each truck and driver who perform well, and of course, who still have a truck to run at the end of the competition. Feld Entertainment denies using favoritism to judge any of the events, although the most famous and successful trucks ,Grave Digger and Batman, are owned and operated through the promoter.

It is common practice for the Monster Jam Trucks to tour in a spread out manner, usually headlining two stadiums within two days with a full entourage, while placing smaller shows around the area with less trucks at smaller venues. This year, the tour kicks off on October 23 in Kentucky. Please visit often for thorough and consistent updates and for secure online ticket sales for all of your favorite events.

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Early Playoff Qualification Doesn’t Help The Yankees Rest Easy

This coming weekend brings the New York Yankees to a triple header against their long time nemesis, the Boston Red Sox. This rivalry is a thing of legend, stemming back for over 90 years, beginning with the sale of Babe Ruth from the Red Sox to the Yankees in 1919. Those of you familiar with the Curse of the Bambino need no further explanation, but for the rest of us, this three game clash is just plain exciting. The winner of this match up will likely be crowned division champion, and the Yankees have expressed their unwillingness to head to the playoffs without clinching the division title.

And who would, after all? Who wants to score a touchdown without reaching the end zone? Who wants to kiss the cup without crossing the finish line? Who wants to stand in a World Series playoff position without earning their division championship? These are the New York Yankees, and their minds are not on the 96 games that they have won this season, but on the ten games left before the playoffs.

Ticket prices have been of great concern this event. The Yankees have earned World Series playoff spots 14 times over the past 15 years, but haven’t managed to clinch the top price since 2000 when they took the New York Mets. Primary and secondary sales for the division and World Series runs will continue to be two of the most active sports tickets on the market. Be sure to stay connected to for up-to-date information and schedules, as well as for all of your secure, online ticket sales needs.

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Rob Zombie Brings A Hellbilly Good Time Back To The Masses

rob-zombieMr. Zombie was born Robert Bartleh Cummings in 1965, though he may just be a bit irritated at the mere mention of that fact. Rob founded the band White Zombie in 1985, and the four members begun a journey which would find them easily identifiable amidst the heavy metal sounds of that era. White Zombie lyrics were never about people, love, money, or hope. This band centered their entire existence on the supernatural realms of fantasy.

Rob Zombie decided to go solo in 1998, and the only member of the original group to sign on with Zombie’s new band was the drummer, John Tempesta. Meanwhile, Rob continued to work on his screenwriting and production talents, finally releasing his debut film House of 1,000 Corpses in 2003, after a four year production process. The Devils Rejects would follow up this first effort, and would be received much more enthusiastically by both critics and the box office.

Zombie completed a remake of Halloween, which has grossed his highest earnings as a filmmaker yet, and its sequel, Halloween II, and also worked closely with Quentin Tarantino before heading back over to his first passion, music. Halloween is hitting the theatres this creepy fall holiday season, and Rob won’t be around for the much awaited release. Enter: The Hellbilly Deluxe II Tour, 2009.

The journey is set to kick off on October 29th from the Dodge Theatre in Phoenix, AZ, hitting 28 venues across the US in just five weeks. There will be a Halloween spectacular performance at the Hollywood Palladium in Hollywood, CA on October 31st, and the tour will end at the 9:30 Club in Washington, D.C. on December 5th.  Get your Rob Zombie tickets for all of these events at

The Collapse And Recovery Of Leonard Cohen On Tour

leonard-cohenThe date was September 18th, the venue Velodromo Luis Puig in Valencia, Spain. The 74 year old, world renowned performer was up to his same old tricks, dazzling and engaging his enthralled crowd, when he inexplicably fainted at the front of the stage. During an instrumental break in the song Bird On a Wire, which he was performing at the time, Cohen sat on the stage for a little rest, and collapsed.

A panicked rescue ensued as the back up band and entourage raced to the singer, paramedics arriving shortly thereafter. Leonard voiced his desire to carry on with the show, but was taken to a Valencia hospital against that wish. He was treated for a period of 24 hours, and released from the hospital once he cleared the symptoms of food poisoning which was suspected of causing the fainting episode. The Velodromo show was cancelled, with full refunds being offered through the Spain Ticketmaster office.

Cohen’s final show abroad during this tour is a rather controversial though noble one, and will take place on his birthday. The Tel Aviv, Israel concert is to benefit the forming of peace groups between Israel and Palestine. He will then travel back to the US for a short rest before launching a 15 date tour for we Americans to enjoy.

Beginning at the Bank Atlantic Center in Sunrise, Florida on October 17th, Cohen will continue his tour through until November 13, when he lands his finale show at the HP Pavilion in San Jose, California. Before Cohen steps foot back in the US, he will turn 75 years young. For Leonard Cohen tickets and changes on this and all of your favorite events, as well as for secure online bookings and ticket sales, please visit

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The Magical 26 Race Marker: The Chase to the NASCAR Cup is On!

nascarFor those of you who have not diligently followed NASCAR over the past five seasons, The Chase was implemented after several points blowouts that seemed to steal all of thunder out of the years’ final and most exciting races. It used to be that each racer was awarded points based on their performance and placements in each race from the beginning of the season. This so often caused a huge gap between the leading racer and the followers along the points scoring area that most fans and racers alike had already predicted the winner of the NASCAR Cup by the 26th or 27th race of the season. This predictability was taking the excitement and competitiveness out of the final runs, making it necessary to add a fair but exciting twist to the scoring agenda.

The Chase is really like the playoffs that you will find in just about every other sport on the planet. Where once the points accumulated throughout the entire year determined the cup winner, now the points accumulated during the first 26 races will determine the 12 finalists who qualify for The Chase leading to the NASCAR Cup Award Ceremony. The top twelve points scorers during this 26 race stint will be leveled out at a score of 5,000 points each, earning 10 additional points for each race won from this point forward.

In addition to this, the 13th runner up is offered a $1 million bonus and a place at the awards banquet at the close of the season. This entire shifting has caused a whole other level of excitement for both driver and fan, meanwhile garnering more attention for the sport and more fairness out there on the track. For ticket and event information, as well as secure online ticket purchases, please visit

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