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No Worries Seattle: Pink Has Got You Covered

pink-concertsThere was a stir, a buzz, a downright commotion when the tour management team for Pink’s Funhouse world tour up and changed the Seattle venue originally planned as the kickoff for the American leg. September 15th still marks the beginning of the US tour dates, but no longer will ticket owners be cramming into the 7,000 seat WaMu Theatre. Backed by strong fan demand and the promise of a sold out bigger stadium, the Funhouse Tour will begin from the stage of KeyArena and Seattle Center.

Pink’s last concert was in 2006, and the world has been clamoring to get their eyes on her ever since. Her split with professional dirt bike rider Carey Hart seems to have spawned her most emotionally charged, tender, angry, spiteful album to date, and that’s just what she got down in the studio. We all need some great inspiration now and then, and Carey seems to give her that in spades.

Pink has been touring in Australia, venue after venue sold out and demand never seeming to slow. Wrapping her Aussie stint up for just a minute, she jams New York at the Madison Square Garden until October 5th, and then heads on over to Europe and the UK for a while. 

KeyArena tickets were placed for sale on August 29th, and those who purchased WaMu Theatre tickets will be compensated for the change in venue with a wristband allowing lower bowl and floor access at the KeyArena. Not such a bad reward for a little change in directions, huh? offers secure and reliable ticket sales, and is proud to remain up-to-the-minute with news of your favorite events and performances.

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Brett Favre: Proud To Be A Viking


Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre warms up before the start of the Vikings' NFL football preseason game. Copyright Reuters Pictures

It has been official for a little while now, and the signing of Brett Favre to the Minnesota Vikings for the upcoming 2009-2010 football season has been the driving force of ticket sale surges across the country. Currently, the Vikings are ranked as the #2 best ticket sellers in the country, trumped only by the smash Broadway musical Wicked. Why are we so excited about a twice-retired, 39 year old quarterback?

Brett Favre’s long time ex-team, the Green Bay Packers, with whom he quarterbacked for over 15 years, is holding steady at the #4 position for overall ticket sales volume, as the whole of the country wants to get a feel for the Packers without their longtime front man. Favre retired in 2007, hanging up his Packers jersey and his career on one of the highest notes in history. But then, a yanking, a tugging, a pull at his heart.

Favre came out of retirement in 2008, just in time to sign on with the New York Jets for the 08-09 season. This turned out to be a rather disappointing move for all parties involved, and Favre went back into retirement for the winter and spring months.

The stringent and tedious negotiations of this, his second, post-retirement comeback were finally rewarded with a 2 year contract with the Minnesota Vikings at a cool $25 million. Fans aren’t nearly as worried about his paycheck as they are about his arm, however, and preseason statistics aren’t boding too well. But you just never know what’s coming with this miraculous player until he lays it all out there, so either way, football is looking momentous for Minnesota this year. Minnesota Vikings tickets, information, games schedules, secure online sales, and further details are all available at

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Everclear Out Of Portland, Oregon

everclearArt Alexakis was raised primarily in Los Angeles, and once his father left the family, the unnatural thing for a poverty-stricken, angry young man to do became easily attainable: drugs. It wasn’t until Art nearly died of a cocaine overdose that he woke up and decided to use his talents and lessons for the good. With the news that he would soon become a father, Art and his girlfriend sought refuge from the mean LA streets in Portland, Oregon. From there, the band Everclear was born.

By July of 2009, all of the original band members, save for Alexakis, had left the band. With Art as the driving force behind the powerful lyrics, tone, and lead vocals of the group, however, the new Everclear is just as concisely riveting as the old one was. This year’s launch will be the first tour that Everclear has known since November of 2008, when they toured Iraq, performing in support of the troops fighting the war there.

In March of 2009, Art went out on his own for a while, performing solo and acoustic at a chain of Hard Rock Cafes across the country. The announcement of the bands new album debut was made during this single stint of Art’s. The Tulsa State Fair will be the first American venue to have a piece of Everclear’s North American limited tour, and this is to take place on October 3rd.

Tickets for all of the venues across America, with the exception of Toronto and Philadelphia which begin sales on September 11, will be placed up for grabs starting on the 2nd of September. For future up-to-the-minute news and Everclear tickets, please feel free to visit, your online source for all that rocks, wriggles, moves, and shakes.

Rachel York is Cruella DeVil in 101 Dalmatians the Musical

101-dalmationsThis classic tale was first published as a book, then was animated in 1961, and soon became one of the most beloved dog-advocate stories of this century. The Dalmatian was originally bred over three centuries ago as a fearless, tireless, and ever loyal canine member of fire, police, and militia groups who needed accompaniment through turmoil and social unrest.

As the years sped past and the world begun to realize that fires could actually be extinguished by hauling water to the spot of the smoke, the Dalmatian became just the rescue and alarm dog that the world needed. Ms Cruella, however, developed different ideas for the striking, telltale coat of this faithful service dog, according to Dodie Smith, and begun stealing them in order to make stylish rugs and coats. We despised Cruella some 48 years ago as an animated tyrant, and Ms. Rachel York is really working hard to ensure that we despise her just as much for the next 40.

The stage production of 101 Dalmatians the Musical is set to kick off during mid October in Minneapolis, we are given the fourth take on this beloved tale by Tony award winning writer and director Jerry Zaks. In this stage performance, humans will be cast as the main Dalmatian characters, while rescued Dalmatians of the canine variety are offered walk on and fill in roles as part of the show.

This dog’s-eye-view of 101 Dalmatians has got the country buzzing with excitement, and all signs point to immediate and astounding success. We may even be able to prompt a few more venues, if all goes well. For 101 Dalmatians tickets, secure purchases, and up to date information and scheduling quotes on the show, please feel free to visit

Is It Just Me, Or Does The World Need A Little KISS?

Kiss-Concert-TourHas it really been 35 years? You might have a hard time passing that by KISS’ prepubescent fan mobs, but these 4 guys really have been rocking the pants off of us for three and a half decades! The tour had been quipped “Alive 35”, and is set to deck out, make-up, rock on, and kick off in Detroit on September 25th.

Back in April of ‘09, the band announced that they would allow their fans, through open online polls, to decide where they would play out a new North American tour. Based on concentration of numbers, the band said that they would even play in corn fields if that’s what we wanted. Somehow, I can’t see Cornstalk hitting it off as well as Woodstock did, but we would have taken it.

Buckcherry is the scheduled warmer for the late leg of this 2009 tour, which will span from New York to Georgia, California to Canada, and just about everywhere in between. Since the humble formation of KISS in 1973, this band has revolutionized the way that the world receives and reacts to rock n’ roll music, guy-liner, blatant innuendos, and full on funky glitz. These guys know how to transform any room, whether in person or through the millions of posters pegged on walls the world over.

Ten weeks from the September 25th and 26th dates set for Cobo Arena, the tour will wind down for the year, with the promise of a 2010 chock full of live KISS performances around the world. If the wait has already been to much for you to take, tickets are on sale now for the first shows. For Kiss tickets, information, a full schedule of performances and venues, and to order conveniently and securely online, visit

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And The Punt Is… Stuck On The Crossbars Of The Humungous TV!

The massive video screen at Cowboys Stadium was debuted last week. (Sharon Ellman/Associated Press)

The massive video screen at Cowboys Stadium was debuted last week. (Sharon Ellman/Associated Press)

Well, OK, maybe we wouldn’t go that far, but at a Dallas Cowboys preseason event, all of the whispers, worries, jokes, and suspicions about the precariously low-perched video screen housing at the brand new, billion-dollar Cowboy’s Stadium were breathed new life. Whether it was just a little gust from the gods, an astoundingly fit A.J. Trapasso, or one isolated though predictable coincidence, a punt was actually hooded by the enormous video screen casing and redirected toward the ground at midfield.

How do you call that one, ref? The consensus is that referees will never have to deal with this ever-so-slightly-obvious-and-frighteningly-avoidable design choice during the regular season, as the president of the NFL has announced that he will be present for the preseason game being contested on the Cowboy’s home turf against San Francisco on Saturday.

We have to believe, as fans, that the entire game of football, all of its officiating rules, video replay systems, interference calls, and attention will not change because one stadium owner is allowed to hang his pricey, elaborate monitor too low over the field. We want to see the Cowboy’s recognized for what they do best, not for what their stadium contributes to the bloopers shows each year. Surely, this will not stand, or hang, very much longer.

On another note, the new Cowboy’s Stadium is a modern marvel, a beautiful facility with, seemingly, no other faults. The team and management are gearing up for what looks to be an exciting and very challenging season, and fans are getting ready to christen this new building in classic Texas style. For those of you who don’t know what style that is, just think Big. Everything is bigger in Texas, from the hats to the egos to the jumbotron monitors. Fans get your Dallas Cowboys tickets soon, it will be an event to remember!

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Plenty Of Twists In The New Season of Dancing With The Stars – And Not Just In The Dance Numbers

Dancing With The StarsWhile to some it may feel as if the last season of Dancing with the Stars just ended, for avid fans it feels like it’s been forever since they’ve been able to watch a new episode.  Though the show is about to enter its 9th season, it’s still able to dish out unexpected surprises, both in the cast and in the competition itself.

One major surprise that the show announced was the addition of its first politician to the cast. Tom DeLay, a former congressman, will make his dancing debut on the show’s September 21st episode. Formerly known as “The Hammer” because of the way he dealt with his political opponents, fans will now get to see if he’s able to hammer out the dance routines as well.

Another major announcement for the cast included the addition of Chuck Liddel, a well-known fighter in the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship). Joining him will be Aaron Carter (Backstreet Boys), Macy Gray (singer), Kathy Ireland (supermodel), Michael Irvin (former receiver for the Dallas Cowboys), Mya (singer), Mark Sacoscos (actor, martial artist, Chairman of Iron Chefs of America), Donny Osmond, and Kelly Osbourne, among others. Samantha Harris will be returning as the show’s co-host, and the panel of judges will include Len Goodman, Carrie Ann Inaba, and Bruno Tonioli.

In addition to announcing the newest members of their cast, they’ve also added a twist to the show as well.  Tom Bergeron, the show’s host, announced that in the 9th season the show will also have double eliminations take place during the middle of the season. One thing’s for certain, with the current cast and changes, the show is sure to be anything but boring. While the show will continue to be broadcast, any “Dancing” fans that would like to watch this “ballroom bloodbath” live can purchase Dancing With The Stars tickets to this star-studded event at

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A Jam Good Time – Pearl Jam Set To Go Out On Tour


Pearl Jam’s popularity peak probably came during the early 90’s, when they were a major player in the grunge scene. Ask fans of that music style who were the big players at the time, and Pearl Jam is sure to come across their lips, either before or after Nirvana.

This tour is following the release of their newest studio album, entitled Backspacer. Little known fact – this album was named after the 375-kilogram female sea turtle that the band sponsored in an April event called the Great Turtle Race. For those that are curious, Backswimmer came in first place. This will be the ninth studio album that the band has released since it first debuted with the album “Ten” in 1991.

Since coming onto the scene in the 90s, music isn’t the only arena the band has been busy in. They joined other performers in the Vote for Change concerts that were held leading up to the elections in 2004, raised money for those that were affected by Katrina, and were fighting against the control and commercialism of the recording industry while making a name for themselves when they first started out. All of that, and they still managed to become one of the most in-demand grunge rock bands of their time. Not to mention that despite being on the music scene for 18 years, they’re still making records and sending fans across the globe into a frenzy with their recent tour. That’s quite a feat, given how fickle the industry can be.

The band will start the North American leg of its tour on August 21st in Toronto, Ontario and travels all across the US before playing its last show on the continent in the Wachovia Spectrum Arena in Philadelphia, PA on October 31st.  Get your Pearl Jam Tickets for these shows are already available. Fans that are able to catch the earlier shows will get a sneak peek at the album’s tracks, since it’s not slated to be released until September 20th.

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Brilliant Idea Or Bad Move? Michael Vick Signs With The Eagles

Michael Vick EaglesMuch to the surprise of Eagles fans and the general populace alike, Michael Vick was welcomed back into NFL and signed up for a spot on the Philadelphia Eagles’ roster.

This controversial move not only has fans on edge, but some of the other NFL teams as well. Vick, referred to as “the ultimate Wildcat quarterback”, signed a one year contract with an option for a second year on August 13th. The very next day, the Giants began working on ways that they could defend against the Wildcat play. Coincidence? Tom Coughlin says it is, but many fans find that statement hard to believe.

While some are surprised about Vick being signed, others don’t find it surprising in the least. Before Vick was known for being convicted and sentenced to serve 18 months in federal prison in 2007, he was known for being a three-time Pro Bowl pick during his 6 seasons with the Atlanta Falcons. He was also known for being a gifted athlete and scrambler. Now, both he and the coach of the Eagles are becoming known for the second chance he’s being given, and both claim that it’s not being taken lightly.  When asked about the situation in a recent interview, Andy Reid said:

“I know some people will not agree, but on the other hand I think the majority will. Fortunately, in this country, if we handle ourselves properly, we are given an opportunity for second chances. I think people will understand.”

Many have whispered that signing Vick is a bad move on the part of the Eagles, but others have said it was a brilliant idea. While there may be a brief public backlash, it’s believed that once the season is underway people’s memories of the events that took place 2 years ago will fade and be replaced by newer memories full of stunning passes and touchdown runs. Besides, fans love excitement, and the return of Vick to the NFL is toward the top of the “exciting events” list. Philadelphia Eagles Tickets can be purchased at

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Michael Jackson – Not The Tour We Were Hoping For

Michael JacksonThe sudden and perplexing death of Michael Jackson on June 25th, 2009 marked a day that would forever change the world of music. With his concert tour “This Is It” in full-fledged preparation for launch just three days later in London, the shock and instant outpouring of love and sadness created a frenzied storm for his music, his posters, books, pictures, home videos, and really anything else that the world could clasp onto now that he would never dance or sing for them again.

The Michael Jackson Memorabilia Tour will also commence in London, and under the same management firm who was to pull off Jackson’s final concert tour. There are three venues set for the tour to date, though the only one officially announced to the public is the first London exhibition. Here, fans and his beloved public will be closer than they ever thought possible to Michael Jackson, one more time.

Though the contents of the tour have not yet been announced to the public, there are a reported 3 warehouses full of concert props, personal effects, and collections for the executors and promoters to choose from. The tour is sure to be an all out success, and is slated for launch around the October debut of the film that is being comprised of Michael Jackson’s final rehearsal and preparation days for “This Is It.”

AEG is the leading promoter to the Jackson legacy, and it seems that they will remain involved no matter how Jackson’s family feels about it. We can only hope that the Michael Jackson Memorabilia Tour will make its way over to America before it’s all over. For updates on the whereabouts and destination schedules of this event and the movie release as they develop, visit

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